A poker player from Long Island was found dead after an apparent murder-suicide

On Saturday, March 12, 2022, Irene Spantopanagos, age 29, passed away as a result of stab wounds that she received. She was assaulted at her house in North Massapequa, which is in New York. According to the investigation, her murderer was a poker player from New Jersey with whom she may have been involved in a romantic connection. Alessia is already one year old and is the only kid Spantopanago has together to leave behind.

The victim managed to pull through

The suspected offender, Vincent Maiolica, is believed to have returned to his residence, where he murdered Spantopanagos and wounded a second victim. According to the first reports filed by the Nassau County Police Department, the second victim is a lady who is 22 years old. The identity of this victim has been withheld from the records filed by the department. This second victim managed to pull through.

Maiolica was located on the premises with self-inflicted wounds, according to the police report. As a consequence of this, the event is being investigated as a possible murder-suicide. Before transporting all three patients to the hospital, paramedics first assisted the patients at the scene. Then, all three were still living. On the other hand, Spantopanagos passed on the next day. Maiolica fought until Monday when he finally gave up the fight and died away. The second victim was able to pull through the trauma.

Poker player Maiolica is not the only player of her kind to be implicated in a crime of this kind. Mario Zwanzleitner, an Austrian poker player who broadcasts on Twitch, committed a very similar act. He then used the weapon he had used to murder himself to stab his lover to death before he committed himself with the knife.

The victim suspect

At this time, the names of the other victim and the suspect, who tried to kill himself when police found him at the house, have not been made public. The police didn’t say anything about the charges the guy might face. The police were called to a home on North Manhattan Avenue just after 7 p.m. on Saturday. When they got there, they saw that both women had been stabbed. Police say that the suspect, a 34-year-old man, tried to kill himself before they found him hiding out in a house.

Outreach to the community

To pay the expenses of medical treatment and burial and provide financial assistance for Spantopanagos’s kid, the local community has come together to collect approximately $73,000 via the online fundraising platform GoFundMe. The target had originally been established at $50,000. However it has now been increased to $100,000.

Areti Vlachos, the person responsible for organising the GoFundMe effort, described Irene’s legacy: “Irene’s pure heart and personality affected those who were lucky enough to meet her.” During this horrifying time, we want to express our gratitude for the love and support that you and others have provided to our family. We are grateful to everyone who has shown their love and support for us along this journey. Please pray for Irene, her family, and all her friends, particularly her new baby daughter.

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