Bryan Renteria Jr Cause of Death: How Did Mayra Touch Of Glam Baby Die? New Born Baby Death Reason

Heart-breaking news has been lately circulating throughout social media of the death of the newborn Bryan Renteria and Mayra Isabel. The news took away the breath of everyone as the couple shares many happy moments with the unborn baby and was very happy with their pregnancy. Therefore, everyone is connecting with the pain of the couple. Keep scrolling to know more about them.

About Bryan Renteria and Mayra Isabel

Bryan Renteria and Maayra Isabel are both famous faces on social media. They have been married happily. Before marriage, they were in a relationship for about 7 years. Bryan and Mayra Isabel both are two famous YouTubers. The channel name of Mayra Isabel is MayraTouchOfGlam. Mayra is a freelance makeup artist and has a promising career overall. The couple was very happy after their marriage and enjoyed the phase of pregnancy with their fans a lot.

What is the Real News?

Bryan Renteria Jr is a one-month-old baby who died unexpectedly. The baby was premature and suffered quite severely soon after his birth. The baby was born on October 16, 2021, to Mary Isabel and Bryan Renteria. The couple shared the heartbreaking news on their social media handles. So, their fans and followers continuously pray to improve their mental health.

Why Did the Newborn Die?

Mayra Isabel, the mother of Bryan Renteria Jr, had sudden pain, which is the primary reason for the baby’s premature birth. In addition, the baby was quite underweight at 1 pound 14 ounces. After the delivery, the baby was quickly shifted to NICU. After he was born, doctors asked the parents to take good care of the baby since he reached adulthood.

Mayra Isabel noticed the first unusual situation. She saw some discomfort in her baby and rushed toward the emergency room. Doctors tried hard to save the baby. They took all the necessary safety precautions and kept the baby alive for some time. However, the baby was very fragile and did not respond to any treatment. Therefore he died, unfortunately.

Who Was Responsible?

The death of a newborn is miserable. Whether it is the fault of the parents or the hospital authority, that discussion comes secondarily. In the case of Bryan Renteria Jr, the reason can not be imposed on either the parents or the hospital authority. However, the parents claimed that their baby could be saved if the hospital authority wanted it. On the other hand, the hospital authority did not say anything about this incident, as the reason for the death is quite apparent. However, the parents have not disclosed the death reason officially on the internet yet.

The World’s Reaction

Bryan Renteria, the father of the baby, is a famous YouTuber. Therefore he enjoys a good fan and follower base. In this adverse situation, everyone stood by his and Mayra’s side and prayed for the peace of the soul of their baby. They also helped the parent a lot with positivity to heal their wound.

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