Cardi B sued YouTuber Tasha K for slandering her in a court case

A federal judge in Atlanta told Tasha K that she must take down all of the clips, videos, and social media posts about Cardi B that were found false and defamatory during the court hearing. She has five days to do this. A case about Tasha K and Cardi B was in front of the judge.

In court, the blogger was told that she could no longer publish or talk about any accusations she had made against Cardi. In new court documents, Cardi B’s lawyers say that, even though the verdict was handed down in January, not all of the allegedly defamatory content has been taken down from the defendants’ social media accounts. Cardi B’s lawyers submitted the papers. Tasha K is a blogger and media personality who is 39 years old. Tasha K.

 The defendants mentioned earlier, Latasha Kebe and Kebe Studios LLC, appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit from the final judgement entered on February 17, 2022,” says a document filed with the court. Tasha went on the talk show “Social Society,” hosted by Kendall Kyndall and Kendra G., in February. During her time on the show, she was asked “if she was worth that much money and if she had enough money to pay the lawsuit.”

Has Cardi made a statement?

Yes, the rapper did say something after he left the courtroom. In it, he thanked Judge Ray for making the right decision. On Variety, you can read the full statement. Getting through this situation and coming out on top gives me a lot of satisfaction. This case against me has been going on for four years, and several times I have been libelled or slandered. Judge Ray for presiding over a fair and unbiased trial. I’m thankful for the jury and how well they’ve thought things through over the past two weeks.” This is how you should read the first part of the statement.

The answer statement Tasha

Listen, I don’t have it. Don’t even bother to ask me for money. I can’t do it. But if you would listen to me, there are procedures in place at the company for dealing with situations like this.

What did the lawsuit have to do with?

According to the lawsuit filed in March 2019 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Tasha became obsessed with slandering and harassing Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar. She put out at least 38 videos about the rapper’s personal life. Cardi B was the one who filed the lawsuit.

Reports say that Kebe also said that Cardi was a prostitute in addition to using MDMA and cocaine. This made people who didn’t like the rap star attack her personally online, especially in comments on pictures of her kissing her daughter Kulture Cephus.

During the time that Cardi was expecting her first child, the accuser said a lot of things that were meant to get people’s attention. One of these things was that the child would have intellectual problems when born.

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