Cause of Death of Irwin Gaston, Husband of Annabelle Gaston

Social media is a place where everything becomes a trend overnight. Any news can come to the forefront with the activities of the public. The news of Irwin Gaston and Annabelle Gaston is also the same. However, the incident took place many years ago. Hence, suddenly it is getting propagated enormously among the mass. Let’s find the reason.

About Annabelle and Irwin Gaston Incident

Annabelle and Irwin Gaston is an Ohio woman of 480 pounds. She was charged with manslaughter of her husband, Irwin Gaston.

The news media and websites were flooded with the strange news of Annabelle Gaston, who accidentally killed her husband during oral sex.

The rarity of the case is tremendously high, and it shocked everyone. The news was that Irwin Gaston had died by suffocation inside the genitals of Annabelle Gaston.

The Ohio woman called 911 approximately 17 minutes after her husband’s death. After a total of 59 minutes, the head of Irwin Gaston was removed from her genital. The paramedic team struggled for 12 minutes to release Irwin’s head from inside of Annabelle’s genitals.

The case was super obnoxious, and everyone started misjudging Annabelle. However, the judge also said that Annabelle has a severe behavioural disorder that leads to this situation.

However, before this incident of manslaughtering, Irwin was also admitted to the hospital for reckless sex. The reason for admission was that “large amounts of faecal matter” went into his respiratory system during oral sex.

What Did Annabelle Say about This Incident?

Annabelle was herself shocked by the extremity of the incident and described it in her own language. She said that during their sexual intercourse, Irwin asked for oral sex. He started to do so very suddenly. However, she felt something clinging to her vagina after a certain period. She couldn’t help it or move Irwin from her. Then, after about 25 minutes, she noticed something unusual with Irwin. Afterwards, she saw that Irwin’s legs were turning greenish blue colour. Then she somehow understood the whole incident and managed to call 911.

What Did Annabelle’s Lawyer Say?

In support of his client, Annabelle’s lawyer pointed out some of the facts about Irwin Gaston. Irwin Gaston, a frail man to his overweight wife, also had some sexual and behavioural issues. This is because he clearly knew their weight discrepancy, so he should be extra cautious while having sex. However, it was not the case, and he was adamant about his behaviour. The lawyer continued to say that Annabelle has warned him about the risk factors quite often but did not give up his habit of oral sex.

What Happened to Annabelle Gaston and Where is She Now?

For her behaviour and killing her husband, Annabelle Gaston was sentenced to 10 years of prison. However, the incident occurred in 2019, so it is pretty evident that she is still serving her sentence. Her age is approximately 29 in the current year.

The whole incident was very awkward and awe-inspiring. The notorious behaviour of the couple has made them the centre of attraction.

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