Cyrus Baxter Death Due To Car Accident Dies At 24 Ebonie Baxter Confirmed The News


The heartbreaking news of popular YouTuber Cyrus’s death left his fans and followers mourning. Deaths are always painful; however, it becomes even more sorrowful if it’s unexpected and untimely. One such death is Cyrus Baxter’s death. A young and growing talent left the world due to negligence. But what actually caused Cyrus’ death? Keep reading to find out!

How Did Cyrus Baxter Die?

Cyrus, the 24 years old YouTube fame, died in a car accident on 11th September, 2021. However, after his death, his mother, Ebonie Baxter, revealed some unknown facts about Cyrus that led his death into question. According to Ebonie, Cyrus was mentally disturbed, which led to this fatal accident.

The unfortunate mother posted the sad news and the real story of her son’s death on social media. Moreover, she claims Cyrus’ break-up with his ex-girlfriend Deja Hart put him into depression. And according to Ebonie, this is the real reason behind Cyrus’ death. She stated that the young fame could not deal with the fact that his relationship had ended.

Even one of the Baxter family’s videos portrays Cyrus fighting with his depression. He was a part of the YouTube channel Baxter Boys which contains video content from the Baxter family. They have millions of subscribers and a huge fan base. 

Thus, Cyrus’ death put a deep scar on many of his fan’s hearts. Depression is even more fatal than deadly diseases. The world witnesses several deaths each day due to mental depression. It’s heartening that such a fresh talent left the world too early. Let’s get to know Cyrus a bit more!

Who Was Cyrus Baxter?

Cyrus Baxter, also known as Cyrus Russel, is the son of Ebony Baxter and Byron Baxter. He was a part of the family-run YouTube channel Baxter Boys. The channel has more than 122k subscribers and is popular among its fans. Cyrus and his family are residents of Georgia, USA. Cyrus is not the only child of the Baxter family; he also has two more siblings.

However, Cyrus was the eldest child of the Baxter family. As per sources, he graduated from Discovery High School. Moreover, it is revealed that Ebonie, Cyrus’ mother, used to be his motivation during his lifetime. The whole family posts video content on their channel Baxter Boys. 

What Is Baxter’s Net Worth?

Besides YouTube, Cyrus was also famous on Instagram. Cyrus’ mother, Ebonie, known as Ebonie Marie Baxter on Facebook, is also a part of their YouTube channel Baxter Boys. As per the sources total net worth of the Baxter family has been assessed at six figures. Though the exact sum is not revealed, considering each video’s massive views, it can be assumed that they earn a considerable amount from the channel.


Several fans sent their condolences after the tragic death of their idol. However, the reason behind Cyrus’ demise is yet in doubt, as his mother mentions that internet fame was depressed. Moreover, reports state that he died in a road accident while travelling via car.

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