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David Laid is a prominent American fitness model, bodybuilder, sponsored athlete, and social media personality. He is best known on social media because of his transformation videos on YouTube; now, he has more followers on his YouTube channel and other social media platforms. David has more followers because of his different videos, and he will also share more of his daily activities and routine videos with his followers. He will use to do workouts six days with two hours sessions, and he will equally split his training between his push, pull, and workout session for legs. David is a New York freelance model who will do modeling in the gigs area. He works in collaboration with some other fellow bodybuilders on social media platforms. 

The Early Years of David Laid 

David Laid was born in Estonia on January 29, 1998, and is 25 years old as of 2023. There is no information about his father’s name because he lost him in a tragic accident when he fell off the cruise ship docked in one of the Estonia harbors. His father lost David’s family hard, and his mother decided to relocate to the United States of America. David’s mother’s names is unknown, and he has two younger brothers whose names and other details are unknown. Single mother has raised David and his two brothers; at a young age, he stepped up as the man of his family. 

In childhood, he wanted to become an ice hockey player, but he started to grow rapidly; because of that, he has scoliosis, which has a curvature of the spine. By the age of 14, he was 41 kg and 90 lbs and was bullied for that reason. Then David’s mother takes him to the doctor, who advises him to reduce his weight to return his spine to normal and his muscles will become stronger. Then David started to do workouts to reduce his weight, and he spent his teen life in New Jersey, the United States with his mother and two brothers.    

The Educational Background of David Laid 

David Laid studied at Mainland Regional High School; while studying in school, he played hockey with his school team members. After graduating from high school, it is unknown whether he continued college because he did not reveal anything about his educational qualifications.

Personal details of David Laid 

Real Name: David Laid 

Profession: Bodybuilder, Sponsored Athlete, model, social media personality, and Powerlifter

Celebrity name: David

Place of Birth: Estonia

Birthday: January 29, 1998

Horoscope: Aquarius

Ethnicity: White 

Nationality: American and Estonian

Religion: N.A.

Sexuality: Straight

Color of Eyes: Light Brown 

Color of Hair: Dark Brown

Net Worth: $ 1 Million

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Body measurements of David Laid 

Physique: Average

Height in cm: 188 cm

Height in Feet: 6 ft. 2 in.

Weight in Kg: 85 kg

Weight in Pound: 187 lbs

Body Measurements: 41-30-31 inches/ 105-78-80 cm 

Chest Size: 41 inches/ 105 cm 

Waist Size: 30 inches/ 78 cm 

Biceps Size: 31 inches/ 80 cm 

Shoe Size (In U.S.): NA

Dress Size (In the U.S.): N.A.

Family details of David Laid 

Mother’s Name: N.A.

Father’s Name: N.A.

Number of Siblings: Two Younger brothers 

Relationship Status: Unmarried

Children: N.A.

Spouses: N.A.

The Relationship details of David Laid 

David Laid was in a relationship with Julia Jackson, a dancer and fitness enthusiast. He should have shared more information about his relationship with Julia; also, there is no information about his previous relationship. On social media, David will not use any information about his personal life, and he will not answer if his followers ask about his personal life questions. 

The Net Worth of David Laid

David Laid is estimated to have a net worth of between $ 1 million to $ 5 million, and currently, he has a net worth of $ 1 million, earning a major part of the net being a YouTuber and fitness model. He has also collaborated with supplement companies and clothing brands deals such as Euphoria and Gymshark Athlete. David also took online coaching for personalized workouts and nutrition plans and participated as a fitness model for physique contests.   

Social media presence of David Laid

David Laid is active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. His Instagram account has earned more than 1.5 million followers, and he will post more of his fitness videos, share tips, and post pictures in it. David’s Twitter has gathered more than 1 million followers, and he tweets often. His official Facebook account has around more than 550 K followers. He will use social media to upload more of his workout videos with his followers, and he has worldwide followers. 

David Laid Interesting facts

David Laid started his workout program in his teenage, and he worked out six days a week and used to work out two hours daily without fail. Like most gymgoers, he eats according to the calories, and he will use to eat low calories foods. David loves to travel, and he has traveled to many countries so far, and some of his favorite countries are Dubai and London. 

The Professional Path of David Laid 

David Laid has started researching many YouTube videos-based weight training and diet before starting his weight loss journey. Because he wanted to build self-confidence and be comfortable with his body, he later started to follow an exercise with some goal of muscular development; he started to fall in love with his strength training, which transformed his dream physique. David started his YouTube channel to post his weight transformation videos quickly; he gained more popularity. 

He becomes a sensational star on social media become of his transformation videos. On August 14, 2015, David uploaded the video titled David Laid 3 Year Natural Transformation 14-17 on his YouTube channel, and the video has reached 26 million views. His channel has grown rapidly in the past six years, boosting more subscribers. David’s YouTube channel now has more than 900 K subscribers, and he will post more of his daily vlogs, fitness videos, and many other daily activities. His channel has more than 125 million views so far.    

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