Is the JI prince dead? New York Rapper Death Hoax Exposed, Details explained

For the last several hours, we have noticed stories circulating online stating that JI Prince has passed away. Our team confirmed the story was baseless after careful study. The New York City hip-hop musician Justin Irvin is a fan favourite among the city’s natives. Having built a solid fan base, his new songs are highly awaited, resulting in millions of streams. The news of his passing was a crushing blow to the majority of his devoted followers. They had a more positive reaction sometime later when he debunked the allegation on Instagram. Within this article’s constraints, we will go even further into the issue that we are now facing. Continue reading in order to stay up to date on all the latest news.

Who is JI Prince?

JI Prince, whose birth name is Justin Irvin Rivera, is a native New Yorker who spent his whole childhood in the city. Both as a rapper and a lyricist, he made major strides forward. JI’s “Need Me” became an online craze, accumulating millions of views, just as his other songs had done before. His love for rap music began at a young age, and he quickly began to learn from the experiences of musicians such as Big Pun, Tupac, DMX, Biggie, Nas, and Jay-Z, amongst many others. 

Is JI the Prince of New York still alive?

There is no evidence to support the claims that JI Prince has passed away. It would seem that Instagram was the first location where the news of his passing was circulated. It takes some time, but eventually, it gains popularity and is shared on a variety of different social media sites. Reports on the site claimed that JI Prince’s body was found inside the property, but they did not present any proof to back up their claims.

Debunking the Death Hoax

In a post on his Instagram account, Justin Irvin clarified some information for the people who follow him. In this video, he addresses the flaws in previous reports and debunks the speculation that he has passed away. On September 4th, he set the record straight about the notion that he had passed away. In a message on Instagram, JI addressed the accusations and reassured his 2.2 million fans that he was, in fact, still very much a part of their lives.

Soon, he shared a screenshot of the fabricated death report along with the statement, “Lol, whoever generated this is nuts.” I have never felt healthier than I do right now. To our great relief, there will be more music available very shortly. The comments portion of the post was filled with worried followers’ expressions of opinion about the artist. A third individual said, Had me stop breathing for a while, while a second individual observed, Whew, my heart dropped, bae. After the gloomy clouds caused by the reports of his death eventually cleared, his supporters were delighted to finally enjoy some sunlight.

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