Lul Tys: Alive or Dead? Lul Tys Death Cause? Shot Dead Video, Details Explained

Recently the news has been spreading on social media that Lul Tys has passed away; many of his fans are concerned about his death news, and some people did not believe his death. Most people want to know what happened to him. As per the report, he passed away on May 24, 2022, and many videos circulating on social media about his death shot. He was shot dead, and this incident happened at his apartment late at night. He is a rapper and has more fans because of his performances. He was killed by a shooting in Citrus Heights, Sacramento. Most of his friends and family are shocked to know about Lul Ty’s death, and he has many followers for him. 

How Did Lul Tys Die?

Lul Tys is a famous rapper from Sacramento, and he passed away on May 24, 2022, and was killed by a shooting in his apartment complex. As per the police report, they did not identify who shots him. Then the police got a video, and the gunshots have heard in that video. The videos have been posted on social media with a caption with the Lul Tys shot dead. Then the video has been circulating on social media, and many rumours have been viral. The video assessing the crime scene and he was killed was viral on YouTube. On May 24, 2022, his death was announced on social media, and the citrus height police said he was shot and murdered by an unknown person in Sacramento. 

Lul Tys is famous in the entrainment world, and he has not yet fully gained his potential, and his news of death news has shocked everyone and is especially heartbreaking for his fans. His shooting videos are viral on the internet, and many internet users have linked them with the death of the Ksmigz rapper. Without an official report, many people are separating rumours on social media and sharing different reasons for his death.    

Lul has wounds because of the gunshot, as per the video sources and most people misuse his video with the death video of Ksmigz. The purpose of the shot is unknown, and official reports about his death are not official announcements by anyone. Many of his fans are waiting for the official news from the police officers. His video is titled with captions; Lul Tys passed away on social media and Q Sports channel on YouTube; his last video was posted. There are no other images or pictures on social media about his gunshot. 

What is Lul Tys Age?

Lul did not disclose more information about his personal life to the media, and there is no more personal information available on the internet. He did not disclose his parents’ names and family members’ details. Lul’s date of birth and birthplace are unknown, so his actual age at the time of his death is unknown. Lul did not share information about his educational qualification and the degree he studied. Now he has started to gain popularity, but he is no more, and after his death news, many people want to know more about him.

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