Melissa Bumstead Faces Felony Charges for Steroid Importation, Details of the charges discussed

According to court records, a Canadian Instagram celebrity and bodybuilder was charged with six felonies related to the illegal possession of a controlled substance after police claimed to have linked her to a shipment containing steroids. An arrest complaint obtained by Insider from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations team in Florida states that Melissa Kate Bumstead possessed six separate controlled narcotics, two of which were anabolic steroid prescriptions such as testosterone propionate and drostanolone propionate.

Who is Melissa Kate Bumstead?

Among Melissa Bumstead’s many accomplishments is her status as an IFBB Figure athlete and a prominent social media figure. On the other hand, it appears that she has gotten into trouble after being arrested for the purported importation of steroids. As well as being the sister of Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead and a well-known social media personality in her own right, Melissa is also married to Men’s Open competitor Iain Valliere and competes as an IFBB Figure Pro herself. She has participated in a few competitions over the years, but her over 100,000 Instagram followers are what has made her famous.

Recently, stories have surfaced claiming that the Canadian influencer was arrested in Martin County, Florida, on charges of smuggling steroids into the country. According to the data presented, Customs conducted a thorough investigation of a parcel that had been randomly selected when crossing the Canadian-American border.

Customs notified the Martin County Sheriff’s Office after learning that the shipment was suspected of harbouring various anabolic steroids, including testosterone propionate, drostanolone propionate, and oxandrolone, along with other prescription drugs. At this time, the police tracked the parcel to the address indicated on the tracking information and discovered that the box was addressed to Melissa Bumstead.

Particulars of the investigation into the case

Evidence on Melissa’s hands, according to police, suggests that she opened the package, which was brought to her by a detective in a covert operation. Her arrest on six felony counts of illegally possessing a controlled drug occurred on September 10th. The package was sent to an address associated with a limited liability business owned by Chris Bumstead. There has been no word of an arrest or charge against him as of this writing, so he should be good to go for the Olympia in October.

Melissa posted her bond and was freed from jail the next day. As of this writing, neither she nor her representatives have addressed the situation. Melissa Bumstead must, of course, be presumed innocent until proven guilty, but she may be in serious trouble if she is found guilty. In addition to possible jail time and penalties, she might be barred from rejoining the United States if found guilty of felony narcotics smuggling. A Martin County Sheriff’s Office representative verified to Insider that Melissa was placed into the Martin County jail on Friday with a $30,000 bond. As reported by the regional news source TCPalm, she was freed on Saturday. There was no clear indication of when she would be back in court.

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