Nina O’Brien crashed while skiing in Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 and was unresponsive for 10 minutes

During the Beijing Winter Olympics, there have been a lot of crashes, which is scary. Nina O’Brien, a skier from the United States, was in a scary crash during the giant slalom competition. This year, she skis in the slalom and giant slalom events for Team USA at the Olympics. Both of these are her specialities. Because of this, the people who help people in emergencies came to help her stand up. The United States athletes who are participating in the Winter Olympics have had a tough day today. The problems that Team USA was already having got even worse when this happened. After the accident, O’Brien is helping the people who are taking care of the injured.

Nina O’Brien is hurt in a terrible accident

Mikaela Shiffrin was out of the giant slalom race after the first round, so it was time for O’Brien to step up and take the lead. Also, people who liked this skier had high hopes for them. But as soon as she went through the gate, she lost her balance and fell with both feet apart, putting her in an unstable position. No one knows yet how bad the damage is. After being unconscious for 10 minutes, she came to, and the medical staff talked about how she woke up.

On the other hand, it looks like she may have broken her leg. The United States snowboarding team gave an update on her condition, saying that she was awake and had answered the paramedics’ questions. They took her to a nearby hospital so that scans could tell how bad her injuries were. Because of this, there have always been injuries at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

In this hard time, our hearts go out to Nina… Shiffrin, another member of the American team, tweeted, “She skied with so much passion and fire today, but it all fell apart on the last turn.” Shiffrin also fell, but she could still participate in the Olympics.

At the National Alpine Ski Centre in Yanqing, O’Brien, who was 24 years old, lost her balance when she was just one gate away from the finish line. She fell through the fence and grabbed her left lower leg, which was bent oddly. When O’Brien’s team checked on her, she was said to be awake and talking, so she was taken by medical staff to a place that wasn’t named for more tests and care. But the race was all she could think about.

O’Brien concerns

Monday, a United States Ski and Snowboard Team member tweeted that she was worried about having to move the competition. ___She was also curious to find out how fast she was skiing. Wow, what a brave person! Lindsey Vonn, a former Olympian whose own career was full of spectacular accidents, surgeries, rehabs, and comebacks, tweeted that O’Brien’s crash was tough to watch. Vonn’s career was full of big crashes, surgeries, rehabilitation, and comebacks.

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