Notice of Death for Leigh Keno  Reason for Death

His death notice says that Leigh Keno has passed away. We were very sad to hear about Leigh Keno’s death on July 26, 2021, when we saw several posts on social media about it. We are thinking of you and praying for you during this hard time because someone so special can never be forgotten.

We feel terrible for Leigh Keno’s family and can’t find the right words to show how sorry we are for their loss. We were very sad to hear that this little creature had died. Please accept our condolences, and may God comfort you through our prayers.


Since the news spread that Leigh Keno had died, her friends, family, and other people who cared about her have been in a terrible state of grief and are currently mourning. There has to be an end to the first part of a trip. Sad to say, the deceased person’s time on Earth has come to an end. During this trying time, I pray that you find solace and calm. When we heard about your sad loss, it broke our hearts.

Leigh Keno had a stroke and died

One of the twins was thought to have died from a stroke, but this hasn’t been proven yet, and as of the time this report was written, we were still looking into the story. The Times said there were several times when the brothers, “who are partners in at least one firm, bid against each other. According to court papers, their various activities led to increases in the costs of consumer staples.

The Kenos bid about 50 times at New Orleans Auction Galleries for a single Turkish Angora carpet. The people who bid by phone and those who bid online were brothers. Even though the low estimate for the rug was $800, no one else bid after the first few bids, so Leslie bought it for $14,500. The Times said that after that, he did not pay for it.

New Orleans Auctions Galleries says that the brothers competed with each other at least twice more, and the same thing happened each time. The first was for an Italian artwork worth $7,250 with a low estimate of $400, and the second was for a Louis XVI-style bed worth $1,600 with a low estimate of $300,  according to the Times.

Debts and Going to Court

Leslie and Leigh Keno, who host the PBS show Antiques Roadshow, were sued twice in 2016 for not paying $600,000 for items they won at the auction but didn’t pay for. Leslie and Leigh Keno, both 59 years old, were accused of bidding against each other at an auction, which led to an $800 item selling for $14,500. A lawsuit filed by New Orleans Auctions Galleries says that the Keno brothers bid against each other about 50 times in April 2016 for a Turkish Angora carpet. He was best known for being an appraiser on the long-running and popular show “Antiques Roadshow.”

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