Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings is a popular TV show on the Discovery Channel

Most people who like drag racing are likely familiar with the show. Throughout its history, the competition has brought attention to the tradition of street racing in many places in the United States. Not only do these racers have the chance to gain street cred and be able to brag about their achievements, but they also have the chance to win cash prizes, which raises the stakes even more. Still, many racers have made a name for themselves, and Wayne Smozanek is one of them.

Fans of the show knew that Wayne owned a place in Jupiter called Performance Center Auto Repair, where he fixed cars. Wayne was chosen for the show partly because he loved monster trucks and often went to drag races. He also went to drag racing events all the time. On the other hand, Fans have noticed Wayne hasn’t been around much lately and are worried.

What happened to Wayne Smozanek in the end?

Because of problems caused by COVID-19, Smozanek lost suddenly and tragically in February 2022. Wendy Davison Smozanek, who was married to Wayne, said that the drag racer went sometime in early February 2022. Wayne Smozanek has died, and I must tell our family, friends, racers, and fans. I do this with a heavy heart. Our lives have been turned upside down, and we can’t find anything comfortable. The post says He is already missed… and I promise his legacy will live on.

Wendy told her Facebook friends on December 18, 2021, that she, the reality star, and their son Will had all tested positive for COVID-19. Before Wayne died, this information was passed on to them. Wayne was found to have pneumonia, a common side effect of COVID-19. However, Wendy and Will were still allowed to go home and rest. But when it was found that Wayne had pneumonia, he was taken to the hospital.

Since then, Wendy has kept fans updated on Wayne’s situation by updating them daily. On December 25, 2021, Wendy said that Wayne had talked to her a few times about his health over a text message. Also, there was no sign that his health was improving at the time.

Permit to visit the hospital

Even when they were permitted to visit Wayne in the hospital, Wendy and Will kept their courage. Wayne was in the intensive care unit, so they could only visit him from a safe distance. On December 29, 2021, Wendy told everyone praying for Wayne’s full recovery that his health had improved. She also thanked everyone who had been praying for Wayne’s full recovery. She also gave a lot of information about when Wayne was in the hospital and how long he was there.

COVID-19 is a hard assignment, but Wayne is a lot harder. He has been a patient at the hospital since December 17, 2021. Since December 19, he has been in the intensive care unit. That’s about 11 days in the intensive care unit and 13 days in the hospital. We don’t know when he will finish the race and be set free, but we look forward to each day and hope that his number stays the same tomorrow.

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