Terry Kennedy, a professional skateboarder, was charged with first-degree murder, Details of the case discussed

Terry Kennedy, a well-known skateboarder, may shortly be prosecuted for either manslaughter or murder following the death of the man he is said to have attacked. After an alleged assault on Josiah Kassahun, 23, who took place in a motel in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, near Chicago, Kennedy was brought into custody last week due to the incident. Josiah suffered a concussion as well as a shattered skull as a result of the injuries. The death of the individual was found to have occurred on Saturday by the Cook County Medical Examiner. Terry Kennedy, a skateboarder who now has a bail set at $100,000, had been featured on an earlier episode of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, which airs on MTV.

Who Is Josiah Kassahun?

After what is believed to have been an assault by Terry Kennedy, Josiah Kassahun, 23, suffered a concussion and a shattered skull. TMZ received confirmation on Sunday from the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office that Josiah had passed away due to the injuries he sustained in the incident in the Illinois motel. According to a GoFundMe page established in Josiah’s honour, he was and will be remembered by everyone who had the good fortune to meet him as the ideal friend. This page was created in his honour. Many individuals profoundly loved him, all of whom felt the same way about him. In fewer than twenty-four hours, the fundraising drive has brought in approximately $17,000, which will be used to remember Josiah in some fashion. Kennedy has appeared in Snoop Dogg and Mistah Fab’s music videos and the “skate” video game series. He has performed on the MTV stage alongside well-known people like Bam Margera and Rob Dyrdek.

Terry Kennedy Arrested By Police on Assault Charges

According to recent reports, a professional skateboarder from California has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of a Wheaton resident. The victim was reportedly found dead in his apartment. Terry Kennedy, who is 36 years old and from Long Beach, California, is being held without bond until a hearing the following week, according to the announcement made by the State’s Attorney’s Office in DuPage County. On Tuesday, he is accused of hitting Josiah Kassahun, 23, in the head and kicking him in the body at the Comfort Suites on Roosevelt Road in Oakbrook Terrace.

According to the prosecution, the incident took place. Kassahun passed away on Saturday as a result of his injuries. Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams’s included professional skateboarder Kennedy in their respective music videos. According to a story in The Independent, Terry Kennedy could be charged with murder in connection with the death of Josiah Kassahun. After allegedly fleeing the incident scene the previous week, Kennedy was located, taken into custody, and arrested on the charge of assault. Kennedy allegedly threatened law enforcement members, “I will kill one of you officers,” according to TMZ. Killing police officers is common where I’m from.

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