The Latest on the Murder of Aleta Diane Ray: Why Did Vernon Jensen’s Wife, Vicki Jensen, kill her? Details explained!

Vicki Jensen, the current girlfriend of Vernon Jensen, murdered his ex-wife Aleta Diane Ray out of possessiveness. After years of putting up with Vicki’s erratic and sometimes violent behaviour, Vernon decided to get a divorce and leave her. The death of Vernon’s first wife, Aleta, directly resulted from her envy of Aleta. In September of 1999, the body of Aleta, a native of Twin Falls County who had been found dead in her own home, was found. The initial conclusion that her death was natural was retracted once the presence of insulin and methamphetamine was confirmed. Vernon claims his ex-wife did not use drugs before her death and instead was the victim of murder.

Status Report on the 2022 Murder of Aleta Diane Ray

The body of Diane Ray, a popular athlete in the Twin Falls, Idaho, community, was discovered at her home. She had taken an accidental overdose of insulin and meth. When the officers from the police department arrived at Aleta’s home, they found her lying on the ground, unconscious. Ray’s youngest daughter said that at first, they assumed the death was not violent since there had been people at their home earlier, despite the calm environment and absence of evidence of violence. At first sight, it seemed as if Ray had ended his own life by hanging himself. The autopsy revealed that Aleta had died from a combination of methamphetamine and insulin administered by syringe. After hearing her lover say she wasn’t into drugs, detectives decided to investigate a murder.

Why did Vernon’s wife, Vicki, murder Aleta Diane Ray?

Vernon’s second wife, Vicki Jensen, was so obsessed and jealous that she caused him to murder his first wife, Aleta. Vernon chose to dissolve his marriage to Vicki because of her possessiveness and violent outbursts, which were causing serious strain on their relationship. This fueled the already intense tensions between them, leading to the death of his ex-partner. Vicki’s angry and out-of-character behaviour made her the prime suspect. Though the authorities had no reason to suspect her until her cousin Autumn Pals told a classmate they could kill people without being caught, Autumn Pals was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Autumn had told investigators about Aleta’s murder, exonerating Vicki, herself, and her boyfriend, Matthew W. Pearson, from any wrongdoing. The suspects are said to have gone to Aleta’s house while wearing disguises and requested to use the phone before they were allowed to do so, according to the police. They immediately injected Aleta with an overdose of methamphetamine and insulin after threatening her with a handgun and holding her at gunpoint. They waited for the poison to take effect so they could get away from Aleta, who could not call for aid.

Where is Vicki Jensen Now?

Vicki Jensen was hauled into jail for the part she played in the murder in February of 2000. As a result of her guilty plea for first-degree murder, she was handed an eternal life sentence. After pleading guilty to first-degree murder, autumn and Matthew were both handed life sentences.

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