Trevor Morse died from over 40 stab wounds in San Diego State Prison

According to the most recent news, Trevor Lee Morris, also known as Trevor Morse, was found dead inside the San Diego State Correctional Institution. He was known for pedophilic activities in the South Carolina Department of Corrections. In 2018, there was a drive-by shooting, and Trevor was part of the group that did it.

Trevor was given ten years in prison directly because of what he did. Recent reports in the news say that another prisoner killed Trevor while he was in the facility. Before the shooting, Trevor was already in jail for a number of crimes, including repeatedly abusing teens and making child pornographic videos.

Who was Trevor Morse? What happened to him in prison?

The news says that another prisoner stabbed Trevor Morse in the back. It was the reason he died too soon. It looks like Trevor got into an argument or fight with another prisoner. Then, it leads to something so terrible that it breaks your heart. Also, a video from TikTok went viral. The video helped in some ways with the investigation.

In the video, you can hear a few other people making fun of Trevor and asking him about what he says. Since the event hasn’t happened yet, the main news outlets haven’t talked about it yet. People say that Travis was killed by a fellow prisoner, who stabbed him in the chest and pulled the trigger.

How did Trevor Morris Die?

Trevor Morris has been charged with first-, second-, and third-degree crimes because of his bad behavior toward children, which is against the law. He was let out of jail on February 23, 2019.

Who hurt Trevor Morse by stabbing him?

Trevor Morse was stabbed, but the person who did it has not been found yet. Also, the SDSC department never acknowledged that the event had happened. Because of this, the official sources have not yet confirmed that the person has died. Because the report hasn’t been checked out, it is also unclear who stabbed the victim at this point.

People often think that the person or people who teased the prisoner may also be the person or people who did the crime. Even so, the real and true statistics haven’t been published or shared with the public yet.

Criminal Offender Trevor Morse Arrested

Trevor Lee Morris, also known as Trevor Morse, was arrested and charged with 23 different counts of molesting children. In the criminal complaint, he was charged with two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor in the first degree, eleven counts of exploitation of a minor in the second degree, and ten counts of serial exploitation of a minor in the third degree.

Travis was fired on February 23, 2019, because it was time for him to be let go. After some time had passed, he was arrested again and sent to jail on new charges. Travis was shot in 2018. He was then found guilty and given ten years in prison. The authorities haven’t said that Travis is dead yet. After the department makes the news public, it will be checked to ensure it is true.

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