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Tyler Sage Alvarez, an American actor, gained fame for his lead role as Peter Maldonado in Netflix’s mockumentary series American Vandal. Born on October 25, 1997, in The Bronx, New York City, Tyler started his acting career with commercials and later appeared in the 2013 film The House that Jack Built. Tyler was pushed into acting by his mother, and he developed an early interest in performing arts, taking acting classes from a young age. In 2014, he earned one of the leading roles in the supernatural fantasy series Every Witch Way, where he portrayed a mutant with superpowers. Tyler also appeared in the TV film Every Witch Way: Spellbound, which was a spin-off to the original series.

Tyler Sage Alvarez is now a 25-year-old actor, known for his roles in various movies and TV series, including Blockbuster, Crush, and What We Do in the Shadows. He was highly praised by critics for his role in the Netflix mockumentary American Vandal, where he played Peter Maldonado. Born and raised in an average American family, Tyler’s talent and hard work have made him a renowned actor in the entertainment industry.


Tyler Alvarez made his debut in the film industry in 2013 with the low-budget indie film ‘The House That Jack Built,’ which failed to gain enough attention. He also played a small role in another indie film called ‘Brothers in Arms’ in the same year. However, his luck changed when he landed his dream role in the fantasy sitcom ‘Every Witch Way’ in 2014. He played the character of ‘Diego Rueda,’ a human with supernatural powers. The series received criticism for its cheap special effects and lack of chemistry between the characters but ran for four seasons before being taken off air. Tyler reprised his role in the special episode ‘Every Witch Way: Spellbound’ in 2014 and also appeared in an episode of ‘Talia in the Kitchen’ in the same year.

In 2015, Tyler appeared in the highly acclaimed Netflix series ‘Orange Is the New Black’ as ‘Benny Mendoza,’ a recurring character. He also played ‘Larry’ in the made-for-TV romantic thriller ‘High School Lover,’ which starred James Franco in a small role.

In 2017, Tyler showcased his talent in documentary filmmaking with the Netflix series ‘American Vandal.’ He played the lead role of ‘Peter Maldonado,’ who tries to solve a case in which several cars of his high-school faculty have been vandalized. The series was praised for its unique take on the genre and the performances of the cast. Tyler also appeared in a guest role in an episode of the sitcom ‘Fresh off the Boat’ in the same year and portrayed ‘Declan Rivers’ in the series ‘The Fosters’ in 2018. He also earned the key role of ‘Doug’ in the upcoming film ‘The Pretenders.’

Tyler’s first professional acting job was in a Totino’s pizza rolls commercial. He also appeared in the YouTube satirical miniseries ‘┬íMe Llamo Alma!’ as Miguel.

In 2020, Tyler made his off-Broadway debut with the Roundabout Theatre Company’s play ’72 Miles to Go,’ which closed prematurely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He also joined the cast of the Netflix show ‘Never Have I Ever’ as a recurring character in season 2.

Personal life

Tyler Alvarez, who has achieved success in television, aims to transition into the film industry and has always been a fan of Marlon Brando. He hopes to work with Paul Rudd in the future. Despite donating to various charities, Tyler prefers to keep his contributions private.

The show “Never Have I Ever,” created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, follows the story of Devi, an Indian American teenager navigating life in southern California while dealing with grief, cultural identity, and typical teenage struggles. The second season of the show was announced on July 1 with few details released, including the release date and the return of the original cast members. However, new cast members, including Tyler Alvarez, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and P.J. Byrne, have been announced. The plot for the upcoming season remains unknown, but fans are excited to see what Kaling and her team have in store for Devi and her friends.

Education and Qualification

Tyler Alvarez has achieved an impressive career in just four years, including starring roles in two popular Netflix series. He first gained attention for his supporting role as Benny, Gloria Mendoza’s troubled son in “Orange Is the New Black.” Later this year, he starred in the hit caper satire “American Vandal” as investigative high school student Peter Maldonado. Alvarez will next appear in “The Pretenders” alongside James Franco, who also directed the film. During a recent Office Hours session on Backstage forums, Alvarez shared insights on his breakout roles and advice for young actors. When discussing his experience on “American Vandal,” Alvarez revealed that he kept himself in the moment by committing to the circumstances of each scene and relying on his scene partner to guide him. As the lead in the series, Alvarez faced new challenges and developed a strategy of prepping a week in advance to manage his workload. He also spoke highly of working with James Franco, who he described as a director who understands actors on a deeper level and is open to new ideas. Franco’s dedication to education inspired Alvarez to continue his own academic pursuits.

Family Details

Regrettably, as an AI language model, I am unable to access personal data about individuals unless it has been disclosed during our conversation. However, I can offer general information about Tyler Alvarez, an American actor recognized for his appearances in TV shows like “Every Witch Way” and “American Vandal.” While I don’t possess specific details about his family, I am happy to answer any queries you may have regarding his career or professional endeavors.

Awards and Nominations

In 2013, Young Hector starred in The House That Jack Built and Logan appeared in the short film Brothers in Arms. Doug played a role in The Pretenders in 2018, while Oscar took on the lead role in John Henry in 2020. Dillon starred in Crush in 2022, and Blake is set to appear in the upcoming film Pools, with Jim Vega starring in Sid Is Dead.

Diego Rueda played the character of Diego in the TV series Every Witch Way from 2014-2015, and also appeared in the television film Every Witch Way: Spellbound in 2014. He played the role of Diego Rueda in Talia in the Kitchen in 2015, and Benny Mendoza in five episodes of Orange Is the New Black from 2015-2017. Larry appeared in the television film High School Lover in 2017, while Peter Maldonado played a role in 16 episodes of American Vandal from 2017-2018. Wes appeared in an episode of Fresh Off the Boat in 2017, and Declan Rivers in five episodes of The Fosters in 2018. Juan-Diego De La Cruz played a recurring role in Veronica Mars in 2019, and Malcolm Stone in Never Have I Ever in 2021. Wes Blankenship appeared in an episode of What We Do in the Shadows in 2021, and Carlos Herrera will play a main role in the upcoming film Blockbuster in 2022. Ralph will appear in an episode of Ghosts titled “Woodstone’s Hottest Couple” in 2023.

In the film John Henry, Berta, a Honduran refugee, is rescued by her half-brother Emilio and brother Oscar from the Los Angeles street gang that kidnapped her. However, Oscar is shot before they can escape and Emilio forces Berta to leave with him, delaying the police as she flees. She ends up hiding under the front porch of John Henry’s house, where he takes her in over the objections of his father, BJ. BJ reluctantly helps translate her story and becomes closer to her as he becomes disgusted with Emilio’s plan to ditch his family.

Berta insists on returning to the gangsters’ house to look for Oscar, but Emilio insists that Oscar is dead. John realizes that the gangsters are part of a crew run by his cousin Hell, who he quit in the 1990s after realizing their cycle of violence would never end. John contacts Hell, who gives Emilio and Berta 24 hours to leave the city. However, Hell betrays them and sends assassins to kill everyone in the house, with the exception of John, who he wants to watch him execute Berta. BJ and Emilio both die protecting Berta, but Savage, who is loyal to Hell, botches his plans when she stops John from attacking him. Hell leaves John for dead and orders Savage to be killed, but John refuses to use pistols due to accidentally shooting and maiming Hell when they were teenagers.

Net Worth

Tyler Alvarez, a well-known television actor, was born on October 25, 1997 in the United States. As of January 9, 2023, his net worth is estimated to be $5 million. Alvarez has appeared in feature films such as Brothers in Arms and The House That Jack Built. Many people are curious about his ethnicity, nationality, ancestry, and race. According to public resources such as IMDb and Wikipedia, Alvarez is of multiracial descent. Information about his religion and political views will be updated in this article at a later date.

In 2017, Alvarez landed the lead role of Peter Maldonado in the Netflix true crime mockumentary series American Vandal. He will be returning for the show’s second season. He is considered one of the richest TV actors and is listed among the most popular ones. His net worth is estimated to be $5 million, according to sources such as Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider. Alvarez began taking acting classes at the age of 10 and attended the famous Fiorello H. Laguardia High School, where the 1980 film Fame was shot.

Alvarez was born in New York City to a first-generation Cuban American father and a fourth-generation Puerto Rican American mother. His father works for the Drug Enforcement Administration, while his mother is a nurse administrator at a private hospital. He had an older brother named Niko, who passed away in October 2018. His parents divorced when he was young and both remarried. He has two younger half-siblings from his father, Alex and Brianna, and a younger half-sister from his mother named Sofia. As of January 12, 2023, Alvarez is believed to be single and has not been previously engaged.

There are no records of past relationships for Alvarez, but fans can contribute to building his dating history. He is ranked among the most popular TV actors and is considered a famous celebrity born in the United States. Alvarez celebrates his birthday on October 25th every year.

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