What Caused The Dispute With Bwipo’s Girlfriend Lena At Worlds 2021? Bwipo leaves Fnatic after Lena receives death threats

Bwipo and his girlfriend Lena have created a significant amount of discussion on the social news website. The conversation between the two individuals finally started after this point. On the Fnatic esports team’s League of Legends roster, Bwipo first came to the notice of many people. After Fnatic was eliminated from the League of Legends World Championships, he gave an interview in which he discussed his relationship and the hostility throughout the community. The professional athlete expressed his dissatisfaction with the sport and desire to return home to work on his relationship with his girlfriend rather than continue competing.

Bwipo and Lena: Girlfriend Drama, Death Threats

There’s a lot of talk on Reddit right now about the problems between Bwipo and his girlfriend, Lena. Bwipo posted the first romantic tweet. When FNATIC broke the news that Upset would not participate due to an emergency at home, Lena responded with a dot. After the FNC announced that the newlywed Upset would not be participating, speculation arose that a tweet from Lena was aimed at FNATIC’s internal disagreement. Along these lines, FNATIC’s CEO cautioned her from saying anything that may endanger or mislead other fans.

However, she blocked CEO Sam Mathews on Twitter so he couldn’t see her tweets. One of her sources claims that her boyfriend has unfollowed many FNATIC individuals and said he needs a vacation from social media. Still, his support for his wife was obvious. His friend then started complaining too, which just made things worse. If you follow her on Twitter, you may have seen that she recently responded to fans’ questions about when she planned to propose by revealing that their relationship is now in jeopardy.

Moreover, quite a few of Bwipo’s fans were outraged by the fact that she had discussed private relationship matters on social media. Fans noticed that Bwipo’s demeanour changed from happy to sorrowful during the game. Adorable’s tweet made her a public enemy at a time when the gaming community often frowns upon gamers who are in committed relationships for being easily distracted.

Will Bwipo soon be leaving Fnatic?

It has been confirmed that Bwipo will part ways with Fnatic after the end of the 2021 season. Gabriel “Bwipo” Rau has responded to recent rumours circulating in the League of Legends community that he is on the brink of quitting Fnatic. He said he is “glad” to be done with the four-time reigning LEC champions and is “looking forward” to his next opportunity. At the beginning of 2018, he took over for the experienced French player Paul “sOAZ” Boyer on the world-famous League of Legends roster. As a member of Fnatic, Bwipo has participated in three World Championships and has advanced to the finals of the World Championship twice. He has also reached the finals of the World Championship twice. According to what he has said, there will not be a new contract between Bwipo and Fnatic.

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