What happened to Benji Norton? A Well-Known Personality on the Radio is dead, Cause of death and Obituary details explained!

The radio industry as a whole is mourning the passing of Benjo Norton, who was widely regarded as one of the most talented and well-liked DJs on Fox 102.3. It has been revealed that the well-known radio personality Benji Norton has gone away. Following the widespread reporting of her passing throughout social media, his fans and friends are paying respect to her and expressing their sadness with one another. For those who aren’t aware, Benji was the presenter of a very successful radio programme in Colombia. His contemporaries and devotees held him in high esteem for his manner of interacting with them. Our sources say the initial reason for Benji’s death is unknown, but they’re still investigating.

The Cause of Benji Norton’s Death

The circumstances surrounding his death in the year 2022 are unknown. Right now, everyone who knew him and cared about him is weeping and paying respect to him. The news of Benjo Norton’s demise is a shock to me due to our strong relationship. Despite the fact that we could not uncover the facts of Benji Norton’s passing, we successfully located the radio host’s profile on LinkedIn. He worked hard at all his jobs until he was finally acknowledged as a respectable member of society. He spent a lot of time and attention on his work.

Tribute to the Life of Benji Norton

According to the information on his LinkedIn page, Benji Norton received his undergraduate education at the University of South Carolina between 1977 and 1980. Beginning in March 1988 and lasting until March 1989, he worked at Fox 102.3 as the programme director and morning presenter. His tenure there lasted one year and ten months. Between 1989 and 1990, he was in charge of the programming for the morning show on Oldies 96.3 in Nashville. After moving back to Columbia, South Carolina, where he had previously held the job of Program Director from 1990 to 1995, he returned to work there. In addition, he held the position of Senior Sales Representative at Cumulus Media from 1996 till 2018.

More information about DJ Benji Norton

Benji Norton Voice Overs was in his ownership from 1997 until his passing in 2011, when he had all of these assets, making him the proprietor of the business. His achievements in the radio field garnered the admiration and respect of the people closest to him in his life. All of Benji’s devoted admirers were utterly suspicious after hearing the news. Many of his admirers have sent words of sympathy and support for his family and friends on various social media platforms. According to The Vizor Sports, longtime radio personality Benji Norton passed away unexpectedly earlier today. Co-hosting The Early Game for a considerable amount of time were Norton, Tommy Moody, and Bob Shields, who has since passed away. We are keeping his family and loved ones in our prayers during this difficult time.

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