What happened to Fetty Wap’s Daughter Lauren Maxwell? How did she die? The Instagram post of Turquoise Miami explored!

While performing at Rolling Loud on July 31st, Fetty Wap paid tribute to his daughter Lauren Maxwell. Turquoise Miami, the mother of his child, took to Instagram shortly afterwards to share her heartbreak. Away from the spotlight of the internet for some time now, Fetty Wap has maintained a low profile. The rapper, however, took precautions to ensure that his presence in Rolling Loud would not go ignored. Fetty Wap guaranteed a fun night with his high-octane performance for his audience. As everything was happening, he told his daughter that he was performing especially for her. That Fetty Wap was referring to his daughter Aaliya with ex-girlfriend Alexis Skyy was a popular theory. For unknown reasons, Aaliya required immediate brain surgery in 2019. In this case, the rapper wasn’t talking about his daughter Aaliya but his daughter Lauren.

Lauren, Fetty Wap’s Daughter

During his Rolling Loud set on July 31, Fetty Wap paid a touching homage to his daughter Lauren. Soon after, his baby mommy, Turquoise, broke the news that their daughter had died away. Turquoise posted a video of Lauren on Instagram with the caption, “This is my incredible, gorgeous, hilarious, lively, loving, talented, brilliant, and hardheaded princess mermaid Aquarius.” They claim that souls can sense your love. Therefore if you see this post on your feed with her remark, or if you think to yourself, “I love you, LAUREN,” she will feel it. The circumstances surrounding the death are still unknown. Preceding this, Fetty Wap shared a story on Instagram about his daughter. Last night, sweet daughter, the rapper wrote that your LoLo daddy did that sh*t for you.

Lauren Maxwell’s Age

Lauren, born on February 7, 2017, was the rapper’s fifth child and four years old. Lauren is one of the rapper’s six kids. In April 2011, Fetty Wap and his then-girlfriend Ariel Reese became parents to their son Aydin. Presently, Aydin is ten years old, and Ariel is his guardian. In 2015, Fetty and his then-girlfriend Lezhae Zeona had their second kid, Zaviera. Presently, Zaviera is six years old. Amani is the rapper’s third kid, and he had her in 2016 with his ex-girlfriend Elaynna. That same year, Khari Barbie was born to Fetty and his ex-girlfriend Masika Kalsyha. The rapper and his ex-girlfriend Lezhae had their sixth and youngest kid, Zyheir, in 2018.

Turquoise Miami Blasts Online Trolls

Soon after the news of her daughter’s death became public, Turquoise came across internet commentary that was critical of Fetty Wap’s parenting skills. The issue of child support has always been a cause of conflict between the two. Despite this, Turquoise expressed her support for Fetty Wap in her Instagram stories. She stated that reading about all of the hate thrown against their daughter online gave her a stomach ache. She further said, I implore you to put an instant end to any criticism you have of her. I am sincerely sad for Lauren because she and her father are deeply affectionately for me, and we are hurting her.

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