What happened to Shelly Harrington Sanders? CCTV footage shows Kennedy Cymone’s mother shot during Burglary

Shelly Harrington Sanders’s death has left renowned YouTuber Kennedy Cymone and her family in a state of mourning. Recently, prominent YouTuber Kennedy Cymone paid homage to her mother, Shelly Harrington, by uploading a video on the platform. Her fans are in tears, and her mother is receiving a lot of attention as a result of the post her daughter made. The followers of the YouTuber have shown an incredible amount of enthusiasm for the comedian’s prank and comedy videos, which have also often helped to brighten their moods. She is one of the celebrities who rose to fame on social media thanks to her unique uploads, which helped propel them to the forefront of public attention. Find all about her late mother, Shelly, here.

What Exactly Took place With Shelly Harrington Sanders?

The passing of Kennedy Cymone Harrington’s mother, Mrs Shelly Harrington, took place on April 25th, 2022, in the city of Concord, North Carolina. She was a supportive and encouraging mom, but she also treated her children like friends. Her mourning post on Instagram was a tribute written by her daughter, a YouTube sensation. In her letter, she referred to him as “my role puppy,” “my best pal,” and “my personal chef.” She stated, “I stare at your photos all day, every day, remembering how beautiful you were.”

Kennedy Cymone’s Mom Was Shot During a Burglary

Shelly Harrington Sanders, the mother of Kennedy Cymone, was a victim of a break-in and her away as a result of her injuries. She was shot many times and suffered life-threatening wounds, which eventually led to her death. Shelly was a patient at the Artium Health- Cabarrus facility in North Carolina when she died away. Even though she is no longer in this world, her loved ones will carry her spirit with them always and cherish her memories of her. She was a wonderful woman who loved her kids dearly.

Get to Know Shelly Harrington Sanders’s Family 

Charles E. Sanders, Shelly Harrington’s spouse, and the couple had been together for a very long time and were married. They have a son named Kennedy Knight and a daughter named Korbin Sanders. Their children were named after them. Her family and friends were left in shambles when they found out about her untimely death. They are suffering from a significant deal of sadness as a result of the death of their most treasured member, who was always there for the family.

Get to Know Shelly Harrington Sanders’s Family

Shelly Harrington was just in her early 50s when she tragically passed away at an unexpected age. She was born on January 29, 1972, and her parents, Barbara and Charles, greeted her with excitement as she made her entrance into the world. She finally reached her full potential, graduated with honours from High Point University, and had a flourishing career as a professional. Harrington, who was more career-focused, married her long-term companion. 

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