Where is Taylor Gould? Mark Waugh may be a murder suspect

Taylor Gould has never been seen in public or known about in any way until now. Since the murder mystery started to get less attention on the internet and in the news, she has done her best to stay out of the public eye.

When Taylor Gould and her boyfriend, Rahul Gupta, were found, they were in a strange situation. The body of a friend they both knew was found in their apartment, and they were being looked into as possible murderers.

When it was found, one of the three people in the apartment was already dead, and the other two couldn’t remember what happened in the bloody scene inside the apartment. This is where strange things start to happen.

Who is responsible for killing Taylor Gould, and where is he now?

She hasn’t been seen in public since her case made headlines all over the internet and was covered by well-known crime news outlets like Dateline. After more than two years of looking into it, the murder of Mark Waugh slowly dropped out of the news and off the internet. Gould vanished into thin air after the murder of Mark Waugh was no longer in the news. She did not leave anything behind.

Taylor, on the other hand, was the one who called the police when she found both her boyfriend and his friend covered in blood and a large knife next to her boyfriend. The person who called the police was her boyfriend.

She said in court during Rahul’s trial that she couldn’t remember what happened at the flat that night because she had been drinking a lot before giving her testimony.

In the murder investigation, she and her boyfriend, Rahul, were the most likely suspects. They were the only ones.

Who is Taylor Gould’s boyfriend, Rahul Gupta?

 Finding out about a prison sentence Taylor Gould’s boyfriend at the time of the killing was Rahul Gupta. The couple lived together in the apartment where the murder took place. At the time of the crime, only Rahul, Taylor, and Mark were in the apartment. The apartment had three rooms and was 500 square feet.

Gupta was a biomedical engineer with a bright future until he was found guilty of first-degree murder in 2015 and sentenced to life in prison by a judge after a long trial that was hard on him emotionally.

Mark Waugh was killed in a high-rise apartment in Silver Spring, Maryland. He had been stabbed and cut 11 times before his death. Rahul had said in court that Mark cheated on his girlfriend with her best friend, but he later returned what he had said.

Later, he said that the whole infidelity accusation was part of the story to protect his girlfriend, Taylor since she was the one who killed the man and Gupta was taking the blame for her. He said this was done to keep Gupta safe. The Washington Post says that Waugh’s father, Bill, said in court that the defendant was to blame for his son’s death and then tried to smear his reputation.

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