Who is Ayanna Davis? Why Ayanna Davis’s Snapchat Video Got Viral?

There is nothing more active than online platforms nowadays. Anyone can get viral at any point in time with the help of social media. However, the optimum reach of social media also has some adverse effects. The incident of Ayanna Davis justifies this argument.

Who is Ayanna Davis?

Ayanna Davis is a 20 years old substitute teacher at a school in central Florida. Recently she has been accused of having sex with her student. The video of their intimate moment got viral on Snapchat, and it became heavy on her reputation.

Ayanna Davis’s Recruitment

Ayanna Davis was appointed as a substitute teacher at Polk County Public School System. She was hired by Kelly Education Service and was not directly connected with the school. However, the superintendent of Polk County Public School said that she had disgraced the reputation of the school. Though she did not have any relation with the school, she shared a part of it. Therefore, she should be responsible for her actions. Further, school superintendent Frederick banned her from the school.

Ayanna Davis Video Leaked

The video that created all the sensations was leaked on Snapchat first. Then it got viral on every platform. However, the video has been removed from every platform, but many people can still access it. Moreover, some people have downloaded it, and it spread more.

In this video, you can see Ayanna Davis has started teaching a student with some demonstrations. However, that was utterly wrong, and soon they got intimate. Afterwards, they both indulge in sex.

The incident is shameful, and the video was first circulated among the school football players. However, the video soon got viral on Snapchat.

Legal Steps

This type of incident is, unfortunately, rising high nowadays. Therefore, police authorities are getting very active in helping the victims. In this case, also, there was no exception. The high school pupils informed the Lakeland Police Department and soon started investigating. As a result, on December 10, 2021, the Sheriff’s people arrested Ayanna Davis and took her into extended custody.

The police officers highly condemned this behaviour. They stated it was a violation of sexual battery law. This is because the student was about 16 years old or might be younger. In addition, in the video, it was very clear that Ayanna Davis was pressuring the student for having sex.

Therefore, Ayanna Davis was charged with different sections of sexual battery law. Along with first-degree and second-degree felonies, she was also charged with additional sections.

Ayanna’s Stand

Ayanna Davis did not deny the whole matter. Moreover, she said she had sex with the same student at least 4 times before. Moreover, they used to do this at her and the student’s places.

Ayanna’s Release

However, Ayanna Davis got released from jail with a fine. According to the Sheriff of Lakeland Police department, she paid $60,000 in bonds for her release.

The incident shook the whole of Switzerland with shame. Schools became very aware after this incident. However, Ayanna Davis was completely banned by the school authority and Kelly Education Service.

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