Who is Crystal Espinal? Tyreek Hill, Arrested on Allegations of Domestic Violence, Details of the charges explained

Tyreek Hill, a football player, was recently fined $12,875 for the Pom Pom celebration after being booked on domestic violence allegations against his girlfriend. When the Chiefs were picking in the 2016 NFL Draft’s fifth round, they picked Hill. In addition to graduating from Garden City Community College, he attended Oklahoma State University and the University of West Alabama. It was reported Saturday by Tom Pelissero of NFL Network that Tyreek Hill, a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, was fined $12,875 by the NFL. The team won the wild card game last week, and in celebration, one of the players used the cheerleader’s pom-poms.

Who is Crystal Espinal?

Crystal Espinal, who was at one point Tyreek Hill’s fiancé and would have been his wife had the couple been married, but they never did. When Hill got into a fight with Crystal, they ended up being separated, and he ended up spending the night in jail. Hill was arrested for domestic assault after Espinal reported him. Despite being Hill’s son’s mother, Espinal decided to end her relationship with Hill after the incident. When Tyreek Hill proposed to his longtime girlfriend Keeta Vaccaro, she accepted. The Kansas City Chiefs star asked her to marry him at a Fourth of July celebration he and Vaccaro had planned. The couple appears to be very content with one another and may soon decide to tie the knot.

Tyreek Hill Arrested for Domestic Abuse, What happened?

Hill, who was 20 then, was arrested on 12 December 2014 for allegedly abusing his 20-year-old pregnant girlfriend, Crystal Espinal. After an argument, he allegedly threw her around like a ragdoll, punched her in the face, sat on her, repeatedly punched her in the stomach, and finally strangled her, as stated in the police report. In light of the charges, Oklahoma State University decided to cut him from the football team.

After admitting guilt, Hill was sentenced to three years of probation and was asked to complete an anger-management program for domestic assault. As the year progressed, however, the NFL discovered a recording that proved the rumour about the connection was untrue. On July 9, 2019, the complete, unedited recording from the tape was made public. After Espinal made allegations of domestic abuse against Hill in 2014 and claims that Hill broke their son’s arm, Hill claims that Espinal lied about both incidents. The NFL insisted they had full access to the recording the entire time. Although he was back in court because of the Pom Pom celebration and had to pay a fine of $12k, he is now concentrating on his job.

Is Tyreek Hill in prison?

No, Tyreek Hill is not currently being held in lockup at this time. Even though he spent one night behind bars, he has never been locked up because he has always been out on bail. He is now happy with his son, his new job, and his new fiancée. Despite the controversy surrounding his prior relationship with Espinal, Hill has always been considered the best player.

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