Who is Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn? Why did Daniel kill Gabriel?

Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn both were good friends. Both teens were 16 years old, and they resided in the same places in Massachusetts. The incident started on 5th May 2017, when their friendship went into a heartbreaking way when the shocking news came when Daniel Patry killed Gabriel Kuhn.

Gabriel was a brilliant and friendly youth, and everyone loved him. He has a very smiling face and an incredible sense of humour. Daniel was a very silent and reserved boy who didn’t care for anything. He was very shy and made a joke to other children.

The two young boys when they both met each other in eighth class and became good buddies. They became very close friends and started sharing all things. They used to spend their time with each other and also played together.

What drove Daniel to murder his friend Gabriel?

There was a hot day when things took place. Gabriel and Daniel were hanging out in a bar. They were happy together and enjoying themselves together. But something very awkward happened that should not occur.

Daniel started an argument with a client at the bar. The man humiliated Gabriel and called him a stupid drunk. And Daniel was heated, and he then argued with that person. Seeing this, things become big, and Daniel blows the man and beats him.

Gabriel tried to alleviate the situation, stopping Daniel from doing anything wrong with the man, but Daniel was furious. He moved towards Gabriel, hit Gabriel, and he became senseless. The other clients at the bar called the police, and Daniel was under arrest and accused of the murder of his friend.

Gabriel’s demise left people in shock and unrelieved. They did not even understand what made Daniel murder his friend. Was it an effect of alcoholic drinks or what? Or was he uncontrolled? And Daniel is responsible for this thing only.

Where is Daniel Patry now?

Daniel was jailed and is in prison now, waiting for trial. His family is silent in this case. However, a family of Gabriel is looking for an exact matter. Gabriel, however, was even got up and not dead after the entire incident; he was in pain mainly because his leg and hand were injured brutally. On the other hand, the 16-year-old teen was going through a mental sickness and killed his friend on the spot. At the same time, Daniel was accused of his friend’s death, although this is when Daniel might feel regretless for what he did, which he should not do.

What does Gabriel’s autopsy report say?

Gabriel Kuhn’s autopsy report says that Daniel Patry killed him. As per a report, Gabriel was murdered after several stabs. The autopsy also reported that Gabriel had cynical injuries on his arms and hands, which shows that he tried to defend himself from the assault.

Daniel has also been accused of first-degree assassination linked with Kuhn’s fatality. At present, he is being detained without bail.

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