Who is Dr Kelsey Musgrove? Wisconsin physician found ‘almost buried’ after collapsing ground, Details explored!

Doctor Kelsey Musgrove of Wisconsin has passed away. The police have reportedly located the corpse of a UW Health surgeon. According to the Iron County Sheriff’s Office, Kelsey fell last month and suffered fatal injuries, ultimately leading to her death, which was announced on Wednesday. According to reports, she trekked herself in the Potato River Falls region. This news rattles everybody. Click here to read the whole case description.

Who is Kelsey Musgrove?

Kelsey completed fellowship training in cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Public Health. She attended the University of Washington in Seattle for her undergraduate studies in biochemistry and then continued her education at the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Florida International University. Before beginning her fellowship at UW Health, Kelsey completed her surgical residency at the West Virginia University School of Medicine.

What happened to Dr Kelsey Musgrove, and how did she die?

Dr Kelsey Musgrove, who had been missing since March, was discovered dead over the weekend in Iron County. On Wednesday, authorities claimed she was alone while trekking when the cliff’s edge gave way, causing her to fall. On Sunday, Kelsey’s corpse was found in the Gurney town neighbourhood of Potato River Falls, where she had been partly buried on a steep clay bank near the river’s side. Samardich hypothesised that Kelsey had strayed off the trail to get to the water’s edge.

Reasons for Dr Kelsey Musgrove’s Death Explained

A statement released by Iron County Sheriff Paul Samardich indicated that Kelsey’s death resulted from trauma sustained when she tumbled down the bank into soil and pebbles. According to the postmortem findings, Kelsey passed within minutes of the fall. As of March 26th, she has been unable to get in touch with anybody. She reported that they were now near the falls of the Potato River. On March 30, authorities learned Kelsey had not returned to her Middleton home. They coordinated a search involving 25 different agencies from Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota to locate her.

More details about Dr Kelsey Musgrove

The sheriff’s department claimed they had reason to think she had gone trekking along the Potato River and never returned to her car based on clues at the location and information her family and friends provided. According to the report, on April 3, 2019, after discovering Kelsey’s car in the parking area at Potato River Falls, authorities discovered her corpse near the 90-foot waterfall. Law enforcement representatives expressed their want in offering their condolences to Kelsey’s loved ones.

A statement released by UW Health expressed its “deep sadness” at Musgrove’s passing, noting that she was widely regarded as an excellent surgeon, a remarkable mentor, and a person of exceptional kindness and optimism. Sara Margaret Grossi, Kelsey’s close friend and regular travel companion, sent a Facebook message expressing her sorrow. She claimed that although she couldn’t make Kelsey feel better with a few scoops of pistachio ice cream this time, she could keep loving Kelsey even though Kelsey wasn’t there to lay under the stars with her and guess constellations.

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