Who is Drayke Hardman? A 12-year-old committed suicide after being bullied at school, Details discussed?

A devastated mother has shared horrific photographs of her son’s final moments online to bring awareness to the harmful effects of bullying. Drayke Hardman, who was 12 years old and from the United States, took his own life due to being bullied at school. Samie and Andrew Hardman, both of whom were born and raised in Tooele County, Utah, indicated that their son, an avid fan of the sport of basketball, would minimise or even create the circumstances around his injuries.

Drayke Hardman, 12, died after being bullied

In an interview with KUTV CBS 2, Samie and Andrew Hardman stated that they attempted to intervene on behalf of their kid by phoning the school, which finally resulted in the alleged bully being suspended from school. Samie asserted that she had enquired about Drayke’s mental health and inquired as to whether or not he had entertained the idea of taking his own life at any point. His parents say that when Drayke arrived home a few days before he killed himself, he lied to them about acquiring a black eye and told them that he had been punched in the face.

Information regarding the reason for death is discussed

Later on that evening, the child’s sisters found him in his bedroom, where they believed he had made an effort to take his own life. The boy was 12 years old. He was brought to the hospital, but he died the next day. “This is the effect of bullying. My darling boy was waging a war that not even I could save him from,” Drayke’s mother Samie wrote on Facebook on February 11: “This is the outcome of bullying.” The anguish is real, unsaid, and there is nothing a parent can do to make it go away. Since there are no physical clues to suggest where our Drayke might have gone, all that we have to go on is the malicious comments made by others. Because he was the focus of his family’s attention at all times, this young man was showered with love daily throughout his life. Drayke’s bright excitement and lovely blue eyes attracted everyone he met. You are the one who has saved me, as well as your father’s hunting guide and your older sisters’ constant protectors. I have no idea how I would function in this world without you. You choose to spend the rest of your life with me rather than with me spending the rest of my life with you. My heart is shattered, and I have no idea whether it can be patched back together or ever will, but I will spend every waking moment working to make the world a kinder place in honour of the person who was my closest friend. The family has used GoFundMe to raise money to cover the costs associated with Drayke’s funeral, and as of right now, they have received a total of one hundred thousand dollars.

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