Who is Fanny Serrano? The make-up artist passes away at age 72, Cause of death and personal details explored!

The death of Fanny Serrano, a well-known make-up artist from the Philippines, was reported in the media on May 10, 2022. He was 72 years old. Because of this, Serrano was thrust into the public eye, and many people who had never heard of him before started speculating about the circumstances surrounding his death and what had happened to him.

Fanny Serrano’s obituary news on social media

On May 10, 2022, it was announced that Fanny Serrano had passed away; his daughter subsequently issued a statement in which she said, “Papa died calmly in his sleep between 8:45 and 9 p.m. last night at his condominium in Morato, Quezon City.” Fanny Serrano became a household name due to this, in addition to the fact that the news of his passing was disseminated far and wide. Many individuals who were not acquainted with Fanny Serrano began trying to learn more about him, such as how he passed away and the circumstances surrounding his passing. The following sections will provide all of the information you need on Fanny Serrano, including his age, the circumstances surrounding hisdeath, and how he passed away.

What Happened To Fanny Serrano?

After it was made known that Fanny Serrano had passed away, almost everyone who had been acquainted with her asked, “what happened to Fanny Serrano?” According to the evidence presented before, it is certain that Fanny Serrano has left this world. The news that her father, Fanny Serrano, had passed away at the age of 72 was shared on Facebook by her daughter Martin Miranda. In addition to this, she disclosed the time of his death.

The Reasons behind Fanny Serrano’s Death

Given that we are already aware that Fanny Serrano has passed away, it is necessary that we explore the circumstances surrounding his passing. Fanny Serrano is said to have died peacefully due to natural causes, as stated in the statement that his daughter was released. Please click here to see the official statement about the demise of Fanny Serrano. My grandfather, Felix Mariano Fausto Jr., also known as Fanny Serrano, died peacefully in our home last evening at nine o’clock MNL. The family finds comfort in the many memorial services and parties organised in his honour to celebrate his life and pay respect to him.

We will let you know about the burial arrangements as soon as the family has finished taking care of the necessary paperwork, which is presently being done. We are grateful for everyone’s kind words of condolence. We are grateful that you have chosen to be by our side during this difficult time. On the other hand, it was said in the past that he had a stroke. He had suffered two strokes, the first in 2016 and the second in 2021, with the second stroke most likely being the more serious of the two. Fanny Serrano will likely pass away due to any of these conditions.

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