Who is Flumingss on Twitter getting viral on social media

Another Twitter video with a completely different username has gained the attention of more users on social media platforms. The Twitter account has a username Flumingss video has been popularized recently because it has some specific content. But no significant netzines want to know more about the video that has grabbed the user’s attention. The video was shared on social media by users on other platforms, but later it was posted on Twitter and became viral.

The video has assumed that Flumingss has some seducing content. As per the report, the account has been trending on social media platforms and was posted as an NSFW video. The video has surfaced on social media platforms, and many netizens have watched the video. The video content talks about the town and has also attracted followers’ attention on social media. This Flumingss video was created in November 2021, and the user has posted only 15 tweets on his account; he has only 484 followers, and the user has followed only 18 accounts. The following will help you know more about Flumings’s viral video on Twitter.    

Video Flumingss Twitter Leaked

The viral video on Twitter with the user name @flumingss has been trending on social media. The account user has tweeted the video incident between a 14 years old boy and 12 years old girl. On Instagram live, a twelve-year-old girl named Paris Harvey was playing with his cousin 14 years old boy, Kuaron Harvey. They both were playing with the pistol, and because of a lack of reasonability, Paris accidentally shoots Kuaron, which leads to their death of Kuaron by accident. As per the report by police officers that Paris has murdered her cousin Kuaron who is 14 years old. Soon after, she shot Kuaron, and after that, she shot herself. In the incident, they both died in the place. There are only 14 and 12 years, not 18 years, who have a gun loaded completely. Then the police officers started their inquiry about it quickly after 2. A.m. Their family members have said that this was an unexpected accident, and they have said that it was not a suicide or it is not killing. The family is still in shock after the incident has happened.      

Karen Harvey’s Death Video Explained

This video has become viral and trending on social media, and the police have noticed the case and they have watched the video. As per the Cops’ report, the video has explained the incident. Most people were mumbling about their families because they had to safely take the pistol away from the children, but it was not a toy for the kids to play with. If the family had kept the pistol properly, this incident would not have happened. Many netzines have talked about the video and the carelessness of the children’s families. After posting this video on Twitter, Flumingss account users emerged, and many people started to follow the user. The followers for the Twitter account have increased because of the video.

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