Who is Gabriella Magnusson? All about Joel Kinnaman’s restraining order against a model, Details explored!

After receiving threats and extortion from Gabriella Magnusson, Joel Kinnaman has sought a restraining order against her. He said that the model was reportedly trying to extort money from the actor by threatening to leak fake information about him. The 2018 year was Magnusson’s only romantic involvement with Joel Kinnaman. The actor from Suicide Squad said that the model is now alleging that they had sexual encounters that were not mutually consented to.

What exactly happened between Joel Kinnaman and Gabriella Magnusson?

The RoboCop actor filed for an injunction against Magnusson in Los Angeles County Superior Court on August 6, 2021. Reports from TMZ claim that the court has issued a temporary restraining order. After receiving the legal threat, Joel Kinnaman posted a lengthy Instagram response. He detailed the model’s demands and said she had threatened him with violence. Her threats of violence against my loved ones and me have gotten so severe and precise that I felt I had no option but to obtain a restraining order, he said, explaining that he had been forced to seek legal counsel due to the constant “antagonistic” and “frightening” threats. In 2019, according to Joel Kinnaman, Magnusson reestablished communication with him. Once he didn’t react to the model’s sexually explicit messages, he started receiving threats, he said.

In July, Joel Kinnaman allegedly tried to call Magnusson and talk things out. According to him, the model first maintained their affair was consensual, but then she changed her story on the phone conversation. The actor from House of Cards also said that Magnusson’s brother threatened his manager with a revolver. While Joel Kinnaman has stated his solidarity with all survivors of sexual assault, he has also made it clear that his sexual encounters with Magnusson were entirely voluntary.

Get to know Gabriella Magnusson, Joel Kinnaman’s ex-girlfriend

Bella Davis, whose real name is Gabriella Magnusson, is a Swedish-Jamaican fashion model. Her modeling careers have taken her to 3D Model Agency, Tier1 Model Management, and Koala Models Agency. She’s got over 130K Instagram followers, making her a social media powerhouse. As stated in her Instagram profile, Magnusson is also the CEO of 48 Entertainment, a talent management firm. Previous appearances on Project Runway include hers. She represents the Swedish design house Bon Echo as an ambassador.

She also established the promising Lanistar Financial Services. The feud between Gabriella Magnusson, alias Bella Davis, and Swedish-American actor Joel Kinnaman continues to make headlines. Recently, the latter imposed an injunction protecting the model from further threats and extortion attempts made by the former. An extended Instagram post by actor Joel Kinnaman revealed that he and the model had dated briefly in 2018. 

Furthermore, Gabriella Magnusson’s brother has been called a convicted offender, according to Joel Kinnaman. The model responded to the actor’s comments by posting screenshots of their discussion on Instagram. Aside from that, she said the actor lied in his statement. An official distance of one hundred yards has been set between Gabriella Magnusson and Joel Kinnaman. Additionally, she cannot make any future contact with or harass the actor.

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