Who is Icierra? Is TikTok Star Icierra Alive or Dead? The Reason for Her Death

Nowadays, rumours spread quickly on social media. Sometimes, it gets so deceptive that people can not identify the actual incident. The incident of Cierra Green was also like that. The news of her death was spread throughout social media, becoming viral within moments. The fans started to claim that the news was false. However, that was not the real case. To know more about this, keep scrolling.

Who Was Icierra?

Cierra was a popular 24 years old young TikTok star who used to make engaging content in her account. Her videos were very popular among her fans, and she got a huge amount of likes in every video. Her TikTok ID was Icierra, and this name knew her. She had almost 294.6k followers and 12.1 million likes. Apart from video creation, she was also a gamer and cosplayer.

Why Cierra Came To Headlines?

The reason for her coming to headline is a rumour. For a long time, she was not active on social media and has not posted any videos. As she did not do this previously, her fans got worried. Soon after, the news of her death spread throughout the internet.

Is Cierra Alive or Dead?

Though in the beginning, it was predicted that it was a rumour, trusted sources soon revealed that the news was true. Cierra Green was dead, and her early death greatly shook her fans. The investigation found out the information from her family.

What Was the Reason for Cierra’s Death?

Cierra, or Icierra, was a happy young girl who was not ordinary but an excellent internet sensation. Her death was very unfortunate and unforgettable. As she stopped posting videos, which she hardly did anytime, her fans got worried. However, there was no news of her depression or other such issues. The main reason for her death was disease. Cierra Green was autistic, and it was reported that the condition was mid-high functioning autism. In this type of autism, problems do not show up earlier. The condition of the patient worsens suddenly and causes death. Cierra also faced the same and died, unfortunately.

The Controversy

Hence, herdeath was controversial. The news of her death got delayed confirmation, and her family did not clearly say anything about it. In addition, her videos were also deleted from the internet. Thus, it became a question if there had been anything serious that the world had been missing out. There were plenty of reasons to think so. Most important among them is Cierra’s previous controversies. Her account was banned by the TikTok community once for violations of community guidelines.

Further, she was also accused of being homophobic. Stunningly, she was also alleged to for being racial. Additionally, several times she came into controversy for online harassment also. Therefore, her death news also became a topic of controversial discussion.

 Hence, any death news is saddening and losing such a young soul is heartbreaking. Therefore, her fans, friends and family lamented deeply on this unfortunate event and paid their homage to the peace of the poor soul.

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