Who is Justin Goolsby? What happened to him? Man shot two days before wedding, details explained

A heartbroken fiancée uses her TikTok to voice her desire for justice for her boyfriend, who was murdered only two days before the couple was married. Maria Morris claims that the mother of her future husband’s kid planned for him to be killed in a TikTok video that has been seen more than 4.1 million times. She has now taken to the site to share her tale and demand justice for Justin Goolsby with the hashtag #justiceforjustin.

Who is Justin Goolsby, and what happened to him?

Goolsby was reportedly killed on September 22, 2021, at a fuelling station along Interstate 49. Witnesses said they observed the suspect, 62-year-old Steven Sam Vignolo, discard the pistol and go inside a neighbouring Burger King, leading to his arrest soon after the incident. The Nevada Police Department submitted evidence of probable cause statement that the victim and suspect were connected.

Justin Goolsby’s fiancée detailed events on TikTok

Morris sobs as he says that Justin was killed on September 22 at Pilot in Nevada, Missouri, shot five times in the chest. Goolsby, according to Morris, was meant to pick up his daughter from the petrol station. She claims that his ex-wife had his daughter’s father kill him at the meeting place. Morris adds that the exchanges usually took place at Goolsby’s daughter’s school, but the mother had cancelled at the last minute, saying that her daughter was sick.

Morris claims she first went to collect her fiancé’s daughter, but the kid’s mother allegedly refused to meet anybody other than Morris’s fiancé, Goolsby. This was an uncommon occurrence, given that Morris had previously collected the child alone. Goolsby and Morris are now engaged. The Facebook post purports to depict a conversation between Goolsby and the mother of his kid, and the messages seem to back up Morris’s assertion that the plan was revised at the last minute. Just before she shot Goolsby, the lady could be heard informing him that she would be late for the exchange.

Justin Goolsby’s daughter’s granddad is arrested

After his capture, Vignolo was hit with first-degree murder and armed criminal action charges. Captain Westerhold interrogated the subject after he was arrested. According to Westerhold’s report, Vignolo expressed anger against Goolsby during their interview because Goolsby was accused of improperly touching Vignolo’s grandson, Goolsby’s daughter. He anticipated that Goolsby would be at Pilot Travel Center this evening for their routine child custody exchange. From the 71 Motel, Vignolo went to Pilot and said he saw Goolsby’s pickup parked there.

According to the complaint, he approached the car, confronted Goosby, and fired numerous shots inside the car. He informed me that he approached the victim, called out his name, and then opened fire. He turned around and headed west until police contacted him at a Burger King. However, Morris argues that the conversations never occurred at Pilot and that Vignolo’s daughter organized the shooting. There has been no confirmed connection between the shooting and Vignolo’s daughter, and Goolsby, 32 years old and not on the Missouri or Kansas Sex Offender Registry, allegedly fired the shots.

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