Who is Katherine Del Rio? Get to know details of David Del Rio’s Wife And The ‘Maggie’ Actor, Details explored!

In the upcoming Hulu comedy series “Maggie,” which premieres on July 6, 2022, David Del Rio co-stars as Ben. The story follows a young lady who can predict the futures of others but whose present is thrown off by a chance encounter with Ben, a high school teacher. The palm reading at the party told her everything about her future with him. David started as a video editor and producer on several music videos and TV reality series.

Get to know David Del Rio’s Spouse Katherine

Katherine Del Rio, David’s wife, is noted for her roles in Winter Ranch and other movies and TV shows. The social media propagandist appeared in films and TV shows such as American Shopper (2007), The Rain Has Stopped (2009), Small Town Culture War (2009), and Once a Child of God (2009). The actor and style icon graduated from the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. She took home many trophies from her academic endeavours, including “best performance” honours. She has been acting in TV shows, movies, and plays ever since. The German native, who is also a prominent entrepreneur with wonderful ideas about business and tactics, moved to the United States in 2014 to seek a career in performing and modelling.

Katherine’s role as Katie Wallace in The Rain Has Stopped one of her most recognisable. The company Theatre Row Productions was founded by David, his wife/business partner/producer Katherine. Rio obtained a degree from the Film and Television Acting Program at the New York Conservatory for the Performing Arts before she entered the entertainment business. The author went to the New World School of the Arts and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in film production in 2006.

Personal details of David Del Rio and Katherine

David Del Rio and Katherine, two of the most popular personalities on television, are not the same race since they were born in separate countries. Katherine was born to German parents who immigrated to the United States, so she shared that ancestry and developed a strong affinity for the American culture. David, on the other hand, is of mixed Latin American and Colombian heritage, thanks to his Miami-born parents. The couple now resides in Austin, Texas, but they have plans to return to New York for more time together.

The Net Worth details of David Del Rio and his wife 

Celebrity faces may command a high price for their use in commercials, movies, and TV shows. By 2022, David will have amassed around $6 million net worth. Similarly, Katherine is estimated to be worth about $5 million. She also benefits monetarily from her endorsement and promotion work with many companies.

Family details of Katherine and David Del Rio

Katherine and David Del Rio enjoy life as a family and often gather with their loved ones to celebrate special occasions. Katherine Wallace was born in Germany to parents from the middle class: Krik Malcolm Wallace and Kellie Wallace. They eventually uprooted to the United States, specifically Columbia, Missouri. According to his Instagram, David’s father is Colombian musician Pacolavec Del Rio, and his mother is Cuban.

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