Who is Khalyla Kuhn? Is she cheating on Bobby? Hawaii Boyfriend Revealed on Reddit, Details explored!

Khalyla Kuhn, the girlfriend of comedian Bobby Lee, reportedly had an affair with her Hawaii-based lover. Many people are now wondering whether the two are still considered the same. Khalyla Kuhn co-hosts a podcast called “TigerBelly” and is an expert in social media. Kuhn’s fame began when she married American comedian-actor of Korean ancestry Bobby Lee, who had previously been unfamiliar with her. Some fans of the pair still have doubts despite the couple’s official Instagram photos showing them enjoying a great time together.

Is Khalyla cheating on Bobby? Details explored

The revelation that Khalyla lied to Bobby has created a lively discussion amongst Reddit users. Khalyla admitted cheating on Bobby with a Hawaiian dude’, but the poster has already deleted the post. The data isn’t quite fresh. As many of Bobby’s fans strongly believed that she just married him for his wealth, they harboured bitter hatred against her. It’s natural for some people to have reservations about the partnership.

Relationship details of Khalyla and Bobby

Khalyla and Bobby started dating at the beginning of 2013. They had met for the first time on Tinder. Tinder, the popular dating app, is responsible for the two meeting one another. There was a lot of texting back and forth before they finally met. The two had a smooth first encounter and quickly began dating. Khalylla, at 5.6 feet tall, caught Lee’s eye since he preferred taller ladies. A little later, he discussed his romantic involvement on his main profile. After their August 2016 religious wedding in New York, Khalyla’s star began to rise rapidly.

Unlike the weddings of most celebrities, theirs was not well publicised. But the news of their wedding quickly became mired in speculation about Khalyla’s apparent financial avarice. Many of Bobby’s fans hated her since they thought she just married him for the cash. She responded to the allegations on Twitter, writing that her life was “quite ordinary” until Lee came along. Their link was well-known by their fans, giving Khun a head start in the influencer marketing industry.

Is Bobby Still With Khalyla?

Even in 2022, Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn are a couple. Despite this, some people’s willingness to challenge their divorce is minimal. Some circumstances from marital history, as well as some miscommunication, have contributed to this. After cracking a joke about her spouse in 2018, she caused an uproar. The revelation said she would not have married Bobby without his financial support. Many of his backers were outraged by his actions. However, she subsequently explained her opinion on Twitter.

The athlete Brendan Schaub was accused of cheating on her again in 2019. Exchanging DMs and texts piqued Bobby’s interest. Everything they discussed at the moment was related to sports. Lee’s friend claims that Schaub messaged Khalyla before Christmas, asking if they could get together as soon as possible. Since then, Bobby Lee hasn’t recorded a podcast with Schaub. They’ve had their share of disagreements and arguments but stuck together in pursuing happiness.

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