Who is Mayenggo3? A TikTok girl is decapitated in a viral video, Details discussed

Although social media and content-sharing platforms can use AI algorithms capable of tremendous automation, it is still challenging to filter out every piece of problematic information before it is posted to a platform. No matter how offensive, violent, gratuitously sexual, or discriminatory a film is, it will still be uploaded. People are begging one another to report and flag the “girl in the toilet” video on TikTok.

Girl in the Bathroom TikTok was deleted but is still online

The disturbing video was uploaded by user Mayenggo3 and is currently being reported or designated as inappropriate by several TikTok viewers who sincerely regret seeing it. If you happen to be watching a movie and the graphic seen below appears at the beginning, you should immediately keep scrolling or, at the absolute least, pause it and flag it as suspicious.

The girl’s head is cut off in the TikTok video

At the beginning of the video, for a few seconds, a little girl can be seen dancing in front of the camera to the tune of “I’m Going in Tonight” by Doja Cat and StarBoi3. Immediately following that, the screen cuts to a new film showing a young woman being restrained by having her hands bound behind her back. She is on her knees as two men stand behind her, one of whom has a knife in his hand. The assailant cuts the woman’s throat and then separates her head from the rest of her body.

It is unclear whether the dancing woman in the first clip and the woman who is beheaded in the second one are the same person. Since the video is not obvious where the execution is taking place and why the woman is being slain in broad daylight, some viewers have noticed that before decapitating the lady, the male vows his allegiance to a cartel group, sparking controversy. There is a possibility that the rumours are true, given that murders committed in a cartel style are known for their reputation of being exceptionally savage. However, many argue that the husband’s discovery that his wife was having an affair was the catalyst for the brutal attack. It’s not the first time a murder has been caught on TikTok’s cameras.

Explaining the terrifying viral video

At precisely 12:02 a.m., 16-year-old Kalecia Williams could be grooving it up in the Hyatt Regency hotel’s grand ballroom. On Dec. 26, 2020. She was found unresponsive at 12:27 a.m. in the hotel lobby. Though she can be seen dancing at the beginning of the video, she quickly becomes noticeably startled upon realizing a stranger is in her hotel room. To turn off the camera, she grabs the power button on her phone. Her assailant shot her in the crotch after the video went viral, and despite immediate medical assistance, she passed away in the hospital. The young woman’s family demands to know why the Hyatt Regency did not notify them after a 16-year-old male was arrested in connection with the murder of Kalecia.

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