Who Is Nardo Wick’s Girlfriend Soryia? Know Everything About Her Personal Life

Soryia is Nardo Wick’s current girlfriend with whom he is in a serious relationship. Nardo Wick is a famous rapper with a flourishing music career. One of his famous compositions is “Who wants smoke?” The net worth of this American vocalist is $ 1 million.

 Soryia is a resident of Jacksonville in, Florida. Are you intrigued to know more about Nardo Wick’s girlfriend, Soryia? If so, then keep reading!

How Did Soriya’s News Become Viral?

Nowadays, anything gets viral very quickly. The primary reason is, however, that people are super active. This is the reason why Soriya got viral. The rapper did not share any picture of him with Soriya, but her eyebrows were little visible in the picture. Nevertheless, fans caught the glimpse, and the news spread overnight.

Who is Soriya?

After a brief glance on Twitter, Soryia has often been in the news. Nonetheless, not many details about her personal life, such as her family, have been obtained by the reporters. However, from the leaked picture, people can estimate quite a few things, such as her height and complexion. Moreover, the picture came with the caption “underhanded witch.”

Information about Soriya

Soryia has an attractive height of 5 feet 5 inches. Additionally, she is beautiful earth-coloured skin. Furthermore, she has an extremely attractive figure and dull hair, which beautifully complements her looks. Nonetheless, these measurements are inaccurate as they have not been officially published yet.

However, the media has yet to uncover her personal details, such as her parents’ names, net worth, siblings’ names, and so on. Although her correct age is still unknown, from her appearance, it can be well understood that her age falls between 20 to 25 years.

Additionally, from her Instagram, it is evident that she is a professional hairstylist. Not only this, she has a completely different page of her own that is entirely dedicated to showcasing her hair styling skills. You can also follow Soryia on social media platforms such as Twitter and TikTok, which will give you an insight into her personal and professional life.

Soryia’s social accounts

Soryia has social media accounts across several social media platforms. These include:

Instagram: The Instagram handle of Soryia’s official account is @soryia_. The hairstylist is not much active on Instagram. This is quite evident because she has posted only 11 pictures to date on her account. However, she has about 58.5K followers and follows up to 261 accounts on this platform.

Additionally, she has a separate page on the gram, with the ID, @thesoryiaeffect, which has about 4,580 followers. In this account, too, she isn’t much active and has only 25 posts. She follows about 55 other accounts on this Instagram account.

Twitter: The actress is quite active on Twitter. This is evident from the fact that Nardo Wick posted a picture of them on Twitter, from which fans could guess about Soryia being Nardo’s girlfriend.

Tik Tok: Soryia, is quite active on TikTok and loves making a variety of videos on that platform and frequently posts them on her account.

Nardo Wick has not yet made the relationship between him and Soryia public. However, there are many pictures on the internet indicative of her features. Additionally, it can be deducted from the pictures that they are pretty serious about their relationship.

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