Who is Paige Coffey? Is she Dead or Alive? Is Her Boyfriend Patrick a Suspect Now? Details discussed

There has been no progress in the search for missing Ohioan Paige Coffey. In 2019, Ohio authorities began searching for Paige Coffey, a missing person. Recently, a True Crime Garage podcast episode focused on Paige. Right now, the Bratenahl PD and the FBI need everyone’s help. In reality, Paige has been gone for two years now. She has not been seen since. The Coffey family, saddened by Paige’s apparent mental instability, has taken to the streets to protest. We met Paige Coffey’s mum this Thanksgiving at St. Augustine Hunger Center. She came to give these leaflets this morning because she mistook the backdrop of a news lives shot at the centre for a sighting of her daughter. Bratenahl Police need anybody with information to contact them.

What Happened to Paige Coffey? Is She Still Alive?

The whereabouts of the missing Ohioan woman, Paige Coffey, have been unknown for quite some time. Let’s hope she’s still alive. Officers are still looking for her and asking for the public’s assistance. There is a $5,000 reward for anybody who contacts the police about her. Therefore, we request that online residents maintain confidentiality. Concerns about her safety at this time are warranted.

Nonetheless, we must keep our optimism and pray that Paige is well. However, her loved ones are on edge because of the rumours that Paige has a mental disorder. Therefore, as of 2021, it is unclear if she has passed away or is still living. A missing person report for Paige Coffey was filed on May 10, 2019. Based on the investigation findings, Paige was last seen on May 7, 2019, at the Home Depot in Steelyard Commons.

Is Paige Coffey’s Boyfriend a Suspect in Her Disappearance?

The man who has captured the heart of Paige Coffey goes by the alias “PJ,” which stands for his given name, Patrick Samar Mason Jr. The FBI reportedly looks at her partner as a suspect in her disappearance. On the other hand, we can’t say whether Patrick was engaged in this kind of crime. Without official confirmation of Patrick’s identification, the case is now unverifiable.

Personal details of Paige Coffey

Twenty-seven-year-old Paige Coffey disappeared from Cleveland, Ohio. She was also a typical height, coming in at 5 feet and 8 inches. According to iHeartRadio, she weighed 230 pounds as well. There are rumours that she has tattoos of piano keys on her arms. We need anybody who may know her location to come forward and help us find her. She is missing and known to be a lady of African descent. The braids on her head are black, and her eyes are a deep brown. You can’t access Paige Coffey’s Instagram right now. She has not been located as of yet, as was indicated. It was last seen on May 10th, 2019. Authorities say Paige’s mother reported her missing ten days after she disappeared. Their whole family is worried about her. Multiple opinions agree that she is a smart and reliable person. Before she disappeared, she was employed by a Torrid shop.

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