Who is Peter August in General Hospital? Is he Dead or Alive? Details explored!

Since its first episode aired in 1963, General Hospital has seen countless cast members come and go. Whenever a new face on the show or an old one leaves, it often sparks a lively debate. It would seem that Peter August, portrayed by Wes Ramsey, passed away in June 2021 after receiving what was rightfully his. However, in light of the events that transpired in the episode of General Hospital that aired in July, many fans are now questioning whether or not Peter has indeed passed away.

 Who is Peter August?

The character of Peter August, who is portrayed by Wes Ramsey and whose true name, Henrik Faison, is revealed to be, was introduced to General Hospital in 2017 and has since risen to become one of the most reviled citizens of Port Charles. This soap villain has been up to no good since he first appeared in March of 2021 when he murdered Franco Baldwin. Peter’s infamous crimes continued, and at the start of the June episodes, he arranged for Maxie Jones to be abducted while she was still pregnant with their daughter, making him a refugee from justice and the subject of a search by the PCPD.

Is Peter declared dead at General Hospital?

It was reported that Peter August had been slain on June 3; however, his corpse had vanished. When Peter was pushed down the stairs by Hamilton Finn on the last episode of the week airing from May 31 to June 4, he was in the centre of the action. After Peter’s fall left him with a terrible head wound, Liz almost immediately verified his death, and his corpse was hauled away to be discarded. Nonetheless, we must not forget that General Hospital is a soap drama and that people on soaps seldom remain dead permanently.

On July 27th, Hamilton Finn admitted to Anna Devane that he was involved in the fight with Peter, ultimately resulting in Peter’s death. However, when the characters opened the freezer where the body had been stored, they discovered nothing. When they asked Jason Morgan about the location of Peter’s corpse, he revealed that he had not moved Peter’s body personally and did not know where Peter was. This information made the discovery even more unsettling for them.

Is that the end of Peter?

Wes Ramsey supplied one of the most significant evidence that Peter’s departure may be permanent or prolonged. A February post on Instagram by the actor who plays the lead role in General Hospital had to be deleted because it created the idea that he was leaving the programme. Even with the late-breaking statement that “this is not a farewell post,” it still seems like a goodbye message, as June’s events showed. It is still being determined if Wes Ramsey or Peter August will shock viewers of General Hospital by making an unexpected return to the show. General Hospital continues to air on ABC daily at 2 p.m., Eastern Time and Pacific Time.

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