Who Is Quando Rondo? What happened to the rapper? Details of the fake news that claims that Quando Rondón was shot dead are explained

Many people have been fooled by a hoax that is going around on Twitter that says the rapper Quando Rondo has gone dead. It is not a secret that the fatal shooting of rapper King Von a week ago has made the issue of Quando Rondo a trending topic. The hypothesis that he was there at the time of the murder receives support from supposed images captured on public surveillance cameras that show him near the location of the homicide. A story on Twitter is circulating that Quando Rondo has also been murdered in a firefight, but this is inaccurate. Neither of these rumors is real. Quando Rondo is still alive, even though a social media celebrity death hoax claimed he passed away.

Who is Quando Rondo?

Quando Rondo is the artist’s stage name; his name is Tyquian Terrel Bowman, although he is better known simply by his stage name. At age 21, the Georgia native had his first major success by releasing the song “I Remember,” which featured Lil Baby. I Remember released in 2018. Mixtapes titled Life B4 Fame, Life After Fame, and Neighborhood to the Stage has been released by the artist, who is signed to Never Broke Again and Atlantic Records.

Twitter Flooded With “Quando Rondo Died” Hoax News

On Tuesday, November 10, it was reported that Quando Rondo had been killed, according to rumors that appeared on the internet. However, this whole thing is an elaborate hoax spread over many social media platforms, and Quando Rondo is still very much alive. According to a report that appeared on a website called Latest News South Africa, Quando Rondo had been “shot in the head,” and Twitter users swiftly spread the news of the incident.

According to the post, law enforcement officers in Atlanta were sent to 62 Harwell Rd NW, where they discovered a male victim inside a vehicle who had been shot in the head and was “not cognizant, not awake, and not breathing.” The victim was described as being “not awake.” The individual was determined to have died there and then by a coroner. The guy’s identity was eventually found to be a possible rap musician named Quando Rondo. In contrast to what is said in the article, Quando Rondo is active.

However, many people on Twitter began to accept the stories quickly, and the hypothesis that he had passed away immediately became common. Is the reported death of Quando rondo true, or is it only a rumor? Questioned one user on Twitter. The third individual said, “Bro, please tell me that Quando Rondo is still alive.” After some time had passed, people started turning for clarity to the Atlanta-based news channel CBS 46. This eventually caused the rumors to go down. When reports of the death were immediately pulled from the media, it became apparent that the story had been fabricated.

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