Who is rapper ppcocaine? Trap bunny bubbles song viral on TikTok, Details discussed

Trap! Bunnie! Bubbles! Millions of TikTok users have been welcomed by that stretchy, animated screech since the springtime peak of the coronavirus quarantine. It may be something likeWhat’s going on, Playboy Bunny, because I really like that home and would want to move into it. Did you even hear me, you crazy person? Get in there and blast some moves! ppcocaine’s bold voice and sexually charged proclamations have likely blasted through your phone’s speaker at some time while you were perusing through the video-sharing app.

Who is ppcocaine?

If your FYP leans toward the alternative or gay communities, the 19-year-old rapper will constantly be present on TikTok. ppcocaine is the brat rap princess of TikTok music trends, known for her explicit lesbian songs and her raspy vocal delivery, as well as her classic status among admirers, also known as trap bunnies. She has 70 million plays on Spotify, and her music has been included in the videos of influential YouTubers, including Xowie Jones and Addison Rae. Her rise to internet fame was meteoric, but it wasn’t without its share of challenges.

Lilliane Diomi went from being homeless to having a place to call home in a year and a half. She took dancing classes in ballet, hip-hop, ballroom, and more as a child, and on her eighteenth birthday in 2019, she finally fulfilled a lifelong dream by beginning her career as a stripper. The Los Angeles-based rapper went from living with her grandparents, who had forced her out for unrelated reasons, to sleeping on park benches, crashing on sofas, and even going home with new acquaintances or customers she’d meet on the job. She would often pull all-nighters dancing from midday till 4 AM and then showering and changing clothes at the club. She was generating money and enjoying her work, but as a new dancer, her income was not steady enough to use as a basis for anything.

Know more about the rapper Ppcocaine

Ppcocaine is understandably nervous about being chained too closely to the stage. Her first internet following originated from lesbian and gay millennials active in the content creation scene. However, she doesn’t frequent the renowned L.A. content houses and isn’t friends with any of the key influencers responsible for her rise to popularity. She emphasized that she was “more of an artist who utilizes TikTok than a TikToker transformed into an artist.” I’d rather not associate with those that seek out conflict.

Even though she and Spain are always working on new material, her first album with Columbia is still a ways off. However, she does have a new professionally made video for “3 Musketeers” with “NextYoungin” coming out next week. For the time being, ppcocaine will have to remain in the same place she began her rap career online, at home in hot L.A., although now able to drive circles in the new Tesla she got herself as a reward for signing with a big label. During COVID-19, not even the biggest performers can keep their audiences interested. In any case, ppcocaine has achieved whatever it is that fame has become nowadays. 

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