Who is Rorochan? Why did she committed suicide fans are shocked, all the details discussed

Without a doubt, social media receives immense popularity in less time and immediately transforms a person’s life. However, social media is also a great reason someone’s disastrous. Here, we will talk about a person who gave up his own life and left the world like this so that no one could imagine this. Of course, we are talking about Rorochan_1999, what happened with her, and why she was upto commit suicide.

Who was Rorochan?

Of course, this case is very old, but many things came around. She was using the username Rorochan_1999, which related to a live streamer who was Japanese. She was a 14-years-old girl and when she achieved vast fame. She was also a popular live-streamer, she started streaming all over the internet, and this way, she achieved tremendous success. She made a vast fan following base in less time, and one of the shocking news came when she deiced something peculiar, like she thought she would leave her fans in shock by leaving this work.

What do Rorochan’s fans think about her?

According to a survey, Rorochan_1999 decided to leave her fans in shock by committing suicide and did the same. On the day of 24th November 2013, she jumped from a high altitude and used to live on the 13th floor, and she jumped off from her story and died simultaneously. Even though no one expected that a small girl could do this kind of foolish thing and would give her life like this, many people tried to find out the main reason behind it but could not find anything. It became a mystery, and no one could expect no one knows precisely what happened to her and why she did it like this.

What was her live stream?

Her live stream was revealed in audio on 14th, 2020. No kind of proof or details is found about her death. Rorochan_1999 was a popular live streamer, and she used to love doing adventures. She was so daring and brave and performed various types of bold stunts. She was also on Twitter, and she had around 31K followers. She posted her last story on 23, 2013.

Why did Rorochan commit suicide?

According to the report, she began making her most extensive fan base and succeeded in 2012, when she also did her live stream on FC2, a Japanese streaming platform. Apart from this, she was veiled with a mask on her face so no one could identify her. In 2019 a Japanese rock band known as Shinsei Kamattechan also created a music video loaded with animated videos. They also paid homage to Rorochan_1999’s song “Ruru’s Suicide Show”. This music video was made based on her or Ruru’s life; it shows how she has taken her life.

Rorochan_1999 Face

Moroccan never came to the front of the screen. Although streaming the video, she covered her face with a mask. No one has any idea what happened to her and why did commit suicide. People say many things while it is found in a report that she was a timid person in behaviour and used to feel very uneasy sharing her matters with the public. However, the Japanese government has paid attention to Rorochan_1999’s case and is also authorized to create a music video that the song dedicates to Ruru’s suicide show.

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