Who is Shanice Walker? What happened to her? Sister Shyla shares a devastating Instagram post

On November 29th, prominent YouTuber Shyla Walker shared a tragic Instagram story about her sister, Shanice Walker. The narrative was uploaded about Shyla’s sister’s passing. After that, people started to become concerned about the two of them. Since Shyla Walker came to public attention, she has discussed her ailing sister in various settings. After a harrowing period of treatment in the hospital, Shyla disclosed on November 30 that her sister had departed away. The social media celebrity, who is 24 years old, disclosed that Walker suffered severe brain damage before passing away. The information listed below was divulged in a post on her Instagram account that has since been removed.

Shyla Walker details the physicians’ confrontation before Shanice’s death.

Shanice Walker was in the intensive care unit (ICU) struggling for her life when her sister informed her that the doctors had given up on her before any tests had even been performed. According to Shyla Walker, the medical staff at the hospital decided not to give her any additional fluids or drugs because they felt there was no requirement for them to do so. She explained that the doctors threatened to switch off the ventilator that kept Shanice alive. In a message that has since been removed from social media, Shyla asked for assistance by stating, “She is running on borrowed time.” We are making every effort to save her life, but we need your help to do it. Please come to our aid. While Shyla Walker’s sister continued to fight for her life in the hospital, the former college basketball player posted a touching statement on Instagram. She shared that Shanice Walker, a mother to two children, is 29 years old. Shyla Walker said in the later deleted post that they were “simply bringing our family together again.” The first occasion this year that we all sat down together as a family was on Saturday evening.

The sound of a mother sobbing because one of her children is passing away is something I hope none of you ever have to experience because my mother is a flaming mess. Even if I didn’t tell my sister how much she meant to me that day, it was the final time I saw her in good health. Shyla Walker broke the tragic news to her friends and family on the 30th of November that her sister had passed away. She uploaded several photographs on social media with the caption, “Life is cruel.” My sister deserved the blessing that came over time. Even though they continue to cause me distress, I believe that remembering them will one day bring me serenity. Before her sister’s passing, Shyla Walker said that the family had been making efforts to have her transferred to “UCLA, Mayo Clinic, or Mount Sinai neuro department for care and second views.” The social media sensation continued her rant, during which she claimed that doctors Anthony Murphy and Ajeet Sodhi were among the individuals who had refused medical treatment for her sister. Shanice Walker made a valiant effort to save her life at Northridge Hospital.

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