Who is Stephen Codella? How did he die? Cause of death and personal details explored!

It was speculated that MD Stephen worked in the field of critical care. In addition to that, he was a skilled musician. According to reports, he was employed at Temple University Hospital. Stephen died away on January 27, 2022, having reached the age of 31.

How Did Doctor Stephen Codella die? Cause of Death discussed

The cause of death for MD Stephen Codella is stated in his obituary, which mentions that he had cancer. The funeral home, Reilly Rakowski, reportedly verified the reason for his death. His loved ones were all there with him when he died away. And from dawn to night, he savored every last moment with his closest loved ones, feasting on his favorite foods and watching his favorite films.

The family has planned a memorial service for Steve on February 3. St. Simon Stock Catholic Church will host a memorial service for him on Tuesday, February 12, at 5:30 p.m. Even if you cannot attend the event, you will still be able to visit the venue at 9:30 a.m. the following day. We can now say with certainty that his funeral will begin at 11:00 a.m. on February 4. Outside of his immediate family, Archer, his dog, is all that remains. It was said that over Stephen’s life, he had taken in numerous strays as canine companions.

Following his instructions, the family is doing a fundraiser for MatchDog Rescue, Musicopia Charity of Philadelphia, and Fox Chase Cancer Center. To elaborate, Codella entered the world in 1990 at Pennsylvania Hospital. However, he was raised in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He’s always had a passion for the guitar and even had concerts in his basement. St. Joseph’s Preparatory School was mentioned as where he graduated from high school.

After that, he went to Fordham University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Intriguingly, he doubled as a club hockey player and saxophonist throughout high school and college. When he wasn’t in the office, he enjoyed getting in a good workout, building Legos, and reading comic novels. However, he was also a very skilled karateka and had the rank of black belt. His graduation from Sidney Kimmel Medical College occurred in 2016. After that, he went to medical school and eventually became an internist at Temple University Hospital.

Personal details of Stephen Codella

We don’t know whether Stephen Codella had a wife since he never discussed his romantic life. Even more surprisingly, his wife’s name is not included in the official obituary. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that Stephen was never married. The loss of Stephen Codella has been devastating to his loved ones. In truth, he had endearing qualities like intelligence and wit. Our hearts go out to Mark Stephen Codella and Catherine Daphne Codella, his parents, from everyone at Show Biz Corner. Sure enough, both of his parents are medical professionals as well. In addition, he is survived by his brother Alexander and sister. His sibling looks up to him as a role model.

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