Who is Tanner Trujillo, organ donor Raven Goff’s mother? What happened with Raven Goff, Details Explained

Raven Goff, a the six years old daughter of Tanner Trujillo, has been viral on social media recently because the little girl passed away on January 2020 in a tragic accident. She died in an automotive accident, and her family members are in immense pain. The young girl used to offer her body organs to someone who needed it. Her mother has explained this incident. The deadly accident happened on January 11, 2020, and in the accident, Raven was injured several in her extreme psychological trauma. After the incident, a six-year-old girl was immediately taken to the hospital. Then the doctor started her treatment and struggled to save her, but nothing could save the Raven’s life. Then the hospital authorities asked about organ donations, and her parents agreed.  

Organ Donor Raven Goff Mother: Who is Tanne Trujillo?

Tanner Trujillo is the mother of the dead Raven Goff, who died in a tragic accident on January 11, 2020. Her death has helped many peoples to live their life because she has donated her organs. Now Trujillo is proud of her daughter’s soul, who has healthy, caring and loving behaviour directed to many people, and she has also received hearts from many peoples. Raven’s mother, the Tanner, has told about her daughter being the all-time anxious with others, and she regularly her dress to many other people who need it.   Tanne Trujillo came to the limelight after her daughter’s organs were donated, and there are not much more details about her personal information, and other details are unknown. Her age may be the 30s, but her actual date of birth is unknown, and the given age is estimated based on her looks. Tanne has shared more information only about her daughter, and she used to talk more information about her.        

Who Is Tanner Trujillo’s Husband, and what other family details

Tanner Trujillo is a married woman, and her husband’s name is Shane Goff. There is no information about their marriage life or other details. But they both got a divorce after being married for many years. After the divorce, they both remarried and lived happily with their new parents, and their names are unknown because they did not reveal anything about that to the media. Tanner did not disclose more information about her family; even her parents’ names are unknown. At the time the little girl died and her organ donation, all her family members, came to visit her.   

What happened to Raven Goff in the accident?

Per the report given by police officers, Raven Goff met in the accident on January 11, Saturday. After the accident, she was immediately taken to the hospital and admitted to Cook Children’s Medical centre. Then the doctor started her treatment, and as per the doctor’s report, her catastrophe damaged her mind, and her mind did not work. Even the doctors have tried a lot but can’t able to save her life. Then the doctors at Cook Children’s hospital asked her parents about the organ donation.

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