Who is the son of Nivea and Lil Wayne? Singer Discusses Relationship with Baby Father, Details explored!

In an interview with Kandi Burruss’s podcast On the Note, Niveathe, the baby mom of rapper Lil Wayne, revealed some stunning information about their relationship. The two singers had a kid together despite never having tied the knot. During her talk with Kandi, Nivea revealed the details of her tumultuous relationship with Lil, including that they were set to be married before Lil broke the engagement and married Toya Johnson. The rapper’s ex-girlfriend Lauren London was also pregnant at the same time as Nivea.

The couple had a son in 2009

Since their rocky start in 2002, Nivea and Lil have been on and off again. It was in 2002 that they first started talking about getting engaged. However, in 2003, the rapper broke off the engagement. Nivea and Terius “The Dream” Nash got back together in 2007 following their divorce, but things didn’t turn out as she had hoped. After months of speculation, in November 2009, the rapper announced that Nivea and Lil had had their first child. Their kid is Neal Carter, and that was their choice of name. However, in 2010, the couple’s love finally fizzled out. At age 11, Neal is a regular fixture in his mother’s Instagram photos. Poot, Young Carter, and Meatball are just a few of Nivea’s many nicknames for her youngest kid.

Both NIVEA and Lauren London were expecting Kids at the same time

Lil’s life is more intriguing since two of his girlfriends simultaneously expected babies. In contrast to London, who was having her first kid with the rapper, Nivea was expecting her fourth child. In an interview with PEOPLE, Nivea said she learned her husband was expecting a second child on the same day she learned she was pregnant with their son. Just wow, that’s all I can say. Then my mom passed away. Yes, this is life! When she found out she was pregnant with their baby, she opted to end her relationship with the rapper. I was carrying our child, and I could not continue our connection. I’m not a typical female. The thought occurred to me, “You know what? Wow, your love for me is unconditional. That, however, is not what I sought. As a result, I decided to drop the issue, she said.

Lil Wayne pressured her to “quit” her music career

In the most recent interview, Nivea discussed numerous topics, including the fact that Lil ended her career as a musician. He beckoned her to come with her. The rapper allegedly assured Nivea, “I got you,” before she departed and wrote a letter to her company. Nivea didn’t expect what occurred next. She’s been a housewife and Reginae from a young age. she added. For whatever reason, this is now amusing. He said he never stayed in an apartment before. Okay, let’s find an apartment. She said, so we move out of the home and find an apartment, but I never understood he did it to transfer Toya back into the house.

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