Who is Tripp Morris? Venus Morris Griffin, Ex-husband? charged and mugshot, Details Explained

Augusta Realtor Venus Morris Griffin was recently trending on social media after she shared the story of her love and tragedy on Instagram and other social media. She has spoken about her ex-husband Tripp and also about her failed marriage. Morris has also told the story on her podcast, and her life was beyond abuse with her ex-husband Morris Griffin. Her story is tragic, and she has suffered greatly because of her husband, Tripp. Her story has come to light, and most people are curious about her and her husband. The following will help you to know more about Venus Morris and her husband, Tripp Morris.

In March 2022, Venus Morris shared her story on social media, and her story has brought the attention of many netizens worldwide. Now, most people are searching for more information about her. Morris Griffin is a well-known motivational speaker, author, and real estate agent.

Who is Venus Morris Griffin?

Morris Griffin is a well-known motivational speaker, author, and real estate agent, and she was born in Kershaw, North Carolina, United States, on May 31, 1974. Morris did not share her parents’ names and occupations with the media. She spent her early life without her father, and her mother remarried other men who would drink and hit her mother regularly; she did not disclose their names. Morris has one brother and one sister. There is no information about her educational qualifications because she did not disclose anything to the media. Morris was in a relationship with Tripp for many years; on August 14, 1993, they married in a ceremony. The marriage was held at a big church with family members and friends. Morris first worked as a waiter in the restaurant, and after marriage to her ex-husband, she left her job to take care of her kids. Venus Morris and Tripp together have six children two sons and four daughters. Her children’s names are John Morris, Charles Morris, Alexis Morris, Elle Morris, Sydney Morris, and Julia Morris.

After her marriage to Tripp, she was happy for the first few years, and after that, her life was entirely a tragedy because Tripp was very aggressive and violent. They both started to fight in front of their children for the small things. Then she started to know the true face of her husband, and then she left him along with his children. After that, she couldn’t feed the children daily, so she started working and working many jobs for her children. Then in 2008, Morris got her license in real estate, and after that, she started to work hard to impress her client with her work.

Morris started at each top in her career, and now she is one of the top real estate agents in the United States, and she has worked as a Vice-President for the Meybohm Realtors for more than 15 years. Then in 2012, Her Ex-Husband Tripp was arrested and served prison for 45 years because of child Molestation. Morris met Hank Griff in 2012, and they both started their relationship and married after a few years of their relationship. Hank is the CEO of the construction company, and they both have a daughter named Hannah Lou Griff.                      

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