Who is Vanessa Angel? A tragic vehicle accident claimed an Indonesian actress’s and her spouse’s lives

As a family tradition at their house on the Indonesian island of Java, 29-year-old Vanessa Angel and 31-year-old Bibi Ardiansyah teach their 1-year-old son Gala the Indonesian alphabet through song. A description on the Instagram video states before going to sleep while eating apples, it displays a cheerful, carefree family. On the afternoon of November 4, the family’s automobile collided with a concrete barrier on the Nganjuk-Surabaya highway in East Java, resulting in the deaths of all four passengers. Vanessa’s little kid, his carer, and the driver were among the five individuals in the vehicle at the time of the collision. Vanessa and Bibi posted many Instagram posts from the vehicle, displaying the Gala and the surrounding landscape hours before the disaster. Continue to read more about what happened to the actress and the tragic accident.

Who is Vanessa Angel?

Vanessa Ardiansyah, better known by her stage name Vanessa Angel, is a major figure in Indonesia’s entertainment business and is much respected there. Instagram users may find Vanessa under the name @vanessaangelofficial, where she has amassed over 3.2 million followers who like seeing snapshots of her everyday life. On Thursday, just before she left for her vacation, Instagram star Vanessa posed a challenge to her followers, daring them to guess where she was headed. She was recording from the side of the highway while sitting in the car, which would ultimately end her life. She updated us on her experience with her kid and a random person in the middle seat.

Details of the vehicle crash

According to investigators, tiredness contributed to the 12:36 WIB murder of Vanessa and her husband. Five people were seen by Handoko in a white Mitsubishi Pajero on the Nganjuk toll road between Jakarta and Surabaya in East Java. Preliminary indications indicate that a single incident happened at about 12:36 WIB at KM 672+400A on the Jakarta Toll Road, traveling in the direction of SBY (Nganjuk Toll Road). He described a white Pajero Sport with the license plate number “B1284 BJU” and five persons.

There were five people in the automobile, and the police officer reported that two of them were declared deceased at the scene. Three more were harmed and sent to the hospital. A passenger named Vanessa Adzania, supposedly on behalf of Febri Andiansyah of Jln Diamond 1/71 Srengseng, West Jakarta, died, according to his claim. There were three casualties, and ambulances transported them to the Kertosono Nganjuk Hospital. He said two medical personnel were sent to the Bhayangkara Hospital in Surabaya.

Fans’ responses to the tragic accident

Messages of sympathy for Vanessa and Bibi’s families flooded social media. Please know that our thoughts are with you, Vanessa Angel. One tweeter said, “you were and remained one of our FTV queens.” These made my skin crawl; my condolences to Vanessa Angel’s family and Bibi’s; may they both rest in love. Another user wrote, that they couldn’t believe it and expressed their condolence and prayers to the family.

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