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Zeba Bakhtiar is a renowned Pakistani actress, television director, and producer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry of both Pakistan and India. She was born on November 5, 1971, in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan, and attended St. Joseph’s Convent School and Karachi Grammar School for her schooling. She went on to graduate from Kinnaird College for Women University in Lahore and also attended the University of Balochistan in Quetta.

Zeba’s father, Yahya Bakhtiar, was a well-known Pakistani lawyer and politician who served as the Attorney General of Pakistan. He was born in 1921 in Quetta to a Pashtun family and studied in several schools in Quetta and Lahore. He earned a degree in law from London and was called to the bar in the United Kingdom. In 1941, he became a member of the All-India Muslim League and went on to serve in the cabinet of Pakistani barrister and statesman Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Yahya played a significant role in the framing of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan and was elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan from the Quetta-Pishin constituency in 1977. He was also appointed to the Senate of Pakistan. Yahya Bakhtiar passed away on June 27, 2003, in Karachi at the age of 81.

Zeba Bakhtiar’s notable works include her performance in the TV drama Anarkali (1988), the Bollywood romantic drama Henna (1991), and the Lollywood movie Sargam (1995). She also produced and directed the movie Babu in 2001, for which she won the best actress Nigar Award for her role in Sargam.


Zeba Bakhtiar had her television debut in 1988 with the Pakistan Television drama, Anarkali. Her portrayal of a melancholic romantic character in Anarkali was well-received. She then signed up for a Bollywood movie, Henna, in 1991 under the direction of Randhir Kapoor. Henna made her a household name in the subcontinent. She went on to act in more Bollywood movies such as Mohabbat Ki Arzoo (1994), Stuntman (1994), Jai Vikraanta (1995), and Muqadama (1996), but her career in Bollywood did not progress after Henna. She returned to Pakistan and acted in the Syed Noor-directed film, Sargam (1995). Her other Lollywood movies include Chief Sahib (1996), Qaid (1996), and Musalman (2001). She produced and directed the movie Babu in 2001 and produced the movie Mission 021 in 2014.

Apart from her work on the big screen, Zeba also appeared in some popular TV dramas such as Tansan, Laag, and Pehli See Mohabbat. Her performance in the TV play Anarkali, a sad love story, won her critical acclaim in Pakistan’s entertainment world. The role of Anarkali helped prepare her for her big screen debut with the hit movie Henna, produced by the Raj Kapoor banner in India. Her work in Henna was widely appreciated, but it was her performance in the Pakistani film Sargam (1995) that won her the prestigious Nigar Award in Pakistan. Zeba also gave excellent performances in the movies Mohabbat Ki Arzoo (1994), Stuntman (1994), Jai Vikraanta (1995), Muqadama (1996), Chief Sahib (1996), Qaid (1996), and Babu (2001). She proved herself an accomplished director in her directorial-debut movie, Babu, in 2001. Apart from movies, Zeba often took starring roles in major television serials, in which she brought new levels of intensity with her performances. For instance, in Laag, she gave a memorable performance as the leader of the ‘Kashmiri Independence Movement’. Her portrayal of a handicapped girl in Pehli See Mohabbat was just mind-boggling, likewise her performances in Lollywood films Kundi and Sangam.

The drama serial Laag made the public realize the deep resonance of her work. Zeba Bakhtiar is a lovable woman whose hatred of hypocrisy is legendary. She worked in the heartfelt and handsomely made movie, Chief Sahib, in 1996. In dramatic roles, the movie cast moves effortlessly from one scene to another. Producer-director, Javed Sheikh, stars included Zeba Bakhtiar, Javed Sheikh, and Neeli.

Zeba Bakhtiar shone in her directional debut movie Babu in 2001. Its story revolves around love, lust, and the well-known adage ‘give respect get respect’ starring Zeba Bakhtiar, dubbed as ‘Ghazal’, Saud Amin, Lehri, Peer Moazzam. She brings a new level of intensity to her acting in the Pakistan television drama serial Pehli See Mohabbat. Writer, Rafaqat Hayat, director, Najam-Uz-Zaman, executive producer, Ghazanfar Ali. Pehli See Mohabbat is the Urdu version of the English novel Beware of Pity. The cast included Zeba Bakhtiar, dubbed as ‘Sofia’ Shahood Alvi, and Shakeel. It is a story of a pretty handicapped girl.

Personal life

Zeba Bakhtiar, a well-known figure in Showbiz, was previously married to singer Adnan Sami but separated in 1997. She currently resides in Karachi with her son Azaan and is involved in directing and producing television serials. Zeba’s popularity in Bollywood was due to her family’s reputation and her performance in a poem by Raj Kapoor for the Hina national unity between India and Pakistan. Despite her success, Zeba is now focused on her new career as a director, with her romantic comedy “Babu” being her first effort and a candidate for the Nigar award.

Zeba was born in Quetta and grew up in a conservative environment. Her father, a politician, was hesitant to let her pursue a career in showbiz, but ultimately gave in due to her being a pampered child. Zeba believes that many people are narrow-minded and have unrealistic perceptions about the entertainment industry.

When asked about the lack of diversity in roles for actors, Zeba believes that many people are attracted to the glamour of the profession rather than the creative arts. She also believes that good looks are important to an extent, but being a good person and a good actor are more important. Zeba does not like to use makeup but understands its necessity for technical requirements.

Zeba has had varying experiences with directors and their visions for her appearance on screen. She found her start on television exciting and fun, despite never aspiring to be an actress. Zeba’s voice was dubbed in the film Sargam due to logistical reasons.

Zeba believes that films and dramas should reflect the culture and values of their country. She advocates for the production of good films instead of solely focusing on profit and highlights the need for proper marketing and education in the film industry.

Education and Qualification

Zeba Bakhtiar is a Pakistani actress and film director. While there is limited information available about her educational background, it is known that she pursued higher education in the United States.

Zeba Bakhtiar studied at the prestigious Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She completed her education at Harvard and earned a degree, but the specific field of study or qualification she obtained is not widely publicized.

Apart from her academic pursuits, Zeba Bakhtiar gained recognition and prominence as an actress in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She appeared in numerous successful television dramas and films, including her notable role as the female lead in the film “Henna” (1991).

Zeba Bakhtiar, a Pakistani actress and director, was born on November 5, 1962, in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan. Although information about her educational background is limited, it is known that Zeba Bakhtiar pursued higher education in the United States.

Zeba Bakhtiar attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she earned a degree in film production and gained knowledge and skills in various aspects of filmmaking.

After completing her education, Zeba Bakhtiar made her acting debut in the Pakistani film industry and gained recognition and success through her performances in both films and television dramas. She is known for her roles in notable Pakistani films like “Hina” and “Mohabbat Ki Arzoo” and television dramas such as “Anarkali” and “Tanhaiyaan Naye Silsilay.”

In addition to acting, Zeba Bakhtiar has also worked as a director and producer. She directed the film “Babu” in 2001, which marked her directorial debut.

Although details about her specific qualifications and further academic pursuits are not widely available, Zeba Bakhtiar’s education in film production from UCLA has played a significant role in shaping her career in the entertainment industry.

Family Details

Zeba Bakhtiar hails from a well-known Pakistani family with ties to the entertainment sector. Here is some information about her family members:

Yahya Bakhtiar, Zeba Bakhtiar’s father, was a distinguished Pakistani bureaucrat and politician. He held various high-ranking positions throughout his career, including the Minister of National Reconstruction, Minister of Tourism and Culture, and Minister of Industries in the Pakistani government.

Sylvia Vallencanto, Zeba Bakhtiar’s mother, is of Polish descent. She wedded Yahya Bakhtiar and together they brought up their children, including Zeba Bakhtiar.

Azaan Sami Khan, Zeba Bakhtiar’s son, was born on April 7, 1994. He is an actor, singer, and musician. Azaan made his acting debut in the Pakistani film “Parwaaz Hai Junoon” in 2018. He has also composed music for various Pakistani films and television dramas.

Zeba Bakhtiar’s family background has assisted her in establishing connections and opportunities in the entertainment industry. Despite facing personal challenges and a high-profile divorce, she continues to be a successful actress and director in Pakistan.

Awards and Nominations

The list of works by the actress includes films and television productions in Hindi, Urdu, and other languages. Her filmography features titles such as “Henna” (1991), “Mohabbat Ki Aarzoo” (1994), “Stuntman” (1994), “Jai Vikraanta” (1995), “Sargam” (1995), “Muqadama” (1996), “Chief Sahib” (1996), “Qaid” (1999), “Babu” (2001), “Musalmaan” (2001), “O21” (2014), and “Bin Roye” (2015), where she played the role of Saba’s mother. She has also appeared in numerous television productions, including “Anarkali” (1988), “Tansen,” “Laag,” “Mulaqat,” “Abke Hum Bichre tau Shayad,” “Muqaddas” (1996), “Mehmaan,” “Shehr-e-Dil Ke Darwaze,” “Moum” (2010), “Masuri,” “Doordesh,” “Aye Mere Pyar Ki Khushboo,” “Ishq Ki Ibtida,” “Samjhauta Express,” “Hazaron Saal,” “Be Imaan,” “Takoune,” “Maa Aur Mamta,” “Bin Roye,” “Aabala Paa,” “Kharaash,” and “Pehli See Mohabbat.”

Net Worth

Zeba Bakhtiar, a renowned actor, was born on November 5, 1971 in Pakistan and has a net worth of $5 million as of January 9, 2023. Many people are curious about her ethnicity, nationality, ancestry and race, and according to public resources such as IMDb and Wikipedia, Zeba Bakhtiar’s ethnicity is Asian/Indian. Her religion and political views will be updated in this article at a later date. Zeba Bakhtiar is not only one of the richest actors but also one of the most popular actors, as listed on Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider. She is ranked on the list of most popular actors and is considered an elite celebrity born in Pakistan. Her birthday is celebrated on November 5 every year.

In terms of her wealth and lifestyle, based on online sources such as Wikipedia, Google Search, and Yahoo Search, Zeba Bakhtiar’s estimated net worth is $2 million USD, and her primary income comes from acting. However, there is not enough evidence regarding her cars and lifestyle, but this information will be updated soon.

Zeba Bakhtiar started her screen career with the Pakistan Television Corporation drama serial “Anarkali” in 1988. Since then, she has played various roles in numerous Pakistani classical dramas, including the famous horror drama “Muqaddas” in 1996. She also made her film debut in Bollywood with the hit movie “Hinna” opposite veteran Indian star Rishi Kapoor and Ashwini Bhave in 1991. This film is a love story between an Indian rich guy and a Kashmiri girl, Henna, during the Indian-Pakistan controversial tensions on Kashmir. The film was critically acclaimed and a box office hit in both countries.

After retiring from India in 1995, Zeba Bakhtiar appeared in Lollywood for the first time and played the lead role in the super hit Pakistani musical Urdu film “Sargam” directed by Syed Noor, starring with Pakistani singer and her ex-husband Adnan Sami. The film was highly acclaimed and a box office super hit. After this film, both stars got married to each other. It was Zeba’s second huge success in her career, and she has played in numerous Pakistani films since then.

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