We provide this detailed information to explain our online data practices to ensure your privacy. We want you to know about the course of our privacy policy and hence, avail the facility on our homepage, which directs you to the specific page.

Know Who We Are:

We work as teamwork to collect information related to height, weight, and the intimate particulars of celebrities with the latest updates. You can reach us by clicking https://cherryflask.com/, and it is our website address to make your reach safe and secure.

The Data We Collect:

We collect crucial information like your name and email address to access our website. We assure you that we do not have any spam messages for you, and you can report to us if you receive any spam messages by accessing our website. Our website ever and never ask for your bank details or information about your Credit cards, and we strictly advise you not to enter these particulars on our website.

Available Services:

Our service includes maintaining the personal data to enter our website. Our responsibility is to assure you that we keep your personal information without sharing it with untruthful sources. You can reach us voluntarily when you like to withdraw any of the confidential details furnished by you. We will immediately remove the particulars from our database based on your willingness.

We Use Cookies To Track Your Activity:

Like other websites, cherryflask.com also uses cookies to track your activity over our website. Cookies are nothing but a small text file sent to your device, either a networking system or a mobile device. The server sends it to your device to remember your information related to your browsing activity over the website. 

The cookies help by collecting detailed information about your use to cheerylikes.com. It also reflects the IP address of your device, the type of browser you use, the demographic data about the third-party link you used to visit our site, and the URL link that leads to our page. The cookies collect the name and mail id and transfer them to the data processors to verify the registered or subscribed users. 

We can provide you with the best service by using the cookies offered by third-party services to serve you better. You might get some of the ads when you access our website, and these ads remain related to your interest, and we do not have any control over these cookies as the third-party advisors use the cookies. 

In addition to advertisement display on our website, you might visualize some affiliate links paced inside the contents on different pages or in a specific section of our website.

We will get a specific percentage of commission when you buy the listed products by following the link given. It does not mean that we promote and assure the particular product or the brand. 

We request you to check the product’s authenticity, contain the product’s detailed information, and know the availability of the seller’s return policy before placing the order for the enlisted product. We do not offer any assurance for the purchase, and it merely depends upon your own risk to buy the products from the affiliated links.

We share your data with our service provider when you access our website. Our service providers send an online verification code that we usually store in our first-party cookie that we use four targeted marketing. 

The cookies store your details when you leave any comments for the first time on our website, and this stored information remains helpful when you precede your words for the second time.

The idea of using cookies is for your convenience in accessing our website with your comments. The cookies last for about one year, which helps easy access our website.

We Accumulate Information From The User Infusions:

We manage the user particulars in diverse methods. It includes

  • Comments
  • Media
  • Website Interactions
  • Contact forms and
  • Email subscriptions

If you want to remove any personal data, you can mail us, and we are ready to remove it as promised.

Links That Help In Third-Party Website Access:

We use links on our website that help you use and reference. But, we are not answerable and guarantee any security for the solitariness approach of such websites. These websites entirely differ from our privacy policy, and hence we do not provide any guarantee. 

The non-proprietary components of these websites come under the licensing agreement of their relevant copyright owners for the user’s benefit. The access of the other websites is under the user’s own risk, and we do not remain responsible for arising the issues. 

How We Use Your Personal Data?

We use your personal information for one of the following reasons

  • To improve our website visibility
  • To implement the security strategy while you enter your data 
  • To serve the visitors with personalized advertisements with the help of cookies
  • We do not share your data with any other sources other than the third parties who maintain confidence in their entire dealing with us
  • We use your data to implement the legal site policies to our trustable sources

We store your information indefinitely, and it is one-time registration that helps in permanent data storage. You can visit our website by using the log-in credentials for all the times, and you need to provide your information whenever you access our site.

We share your information with the legally licensed sources that help track our visitors’ usage. The strategy helps improve the quality of our website in all possible ways. 

We assure you that we protect your data from cyber theft or hacks using SSL encryption. We are also available over HTTPS to ensure your safety. Our staffs are well-trained to maintain your data without leaving a loophole for the data breach. 

You can believe that you are safe by sharing your data with us in all aspects. We have all possible factors that could prevent your data from being breached. 

We also run security inspections to ensure that our website and the user data remain safe from all the harmful factors. The contact mechanism helps our users reach us when they find any bugs on our website.