Cristina Pucelli Measurements, Bio, Age, Weight, and Height

Cristina Pucelli was born on 11th June 1969 in Orange County, California, U.S.A. One of the reasons we take pleasure in being the finest in the market is that we make booking your favourite musicians entirely simple. After all, unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re sure you’ve been struck by her fantastic, confident, and fascinating personality and exceptional acting abilities. Cristina Pucelli’s expertise and skills are clear as we observe her rise to prominence as one of the most popular musicians among all age groups, particularly youngsters. She is known as a voice actor in video games and animated television programmes.

The early life of Cristina Pucelli

Her debut work as a voice actress was in the 2001 film The Rugrats: All Grew Up. Her career began in 2003 when she portrayed Silvia in Viewtiful Joe. Cristina Pucelli, a voice actor from the United States, was born on June 11, 1969. She was born in Orange County, California, on June 11, 1969. Her Italian parents are the third generation to arrive in America, and Cristina did not share any information about her early years with the media.  

The Educational Qualifications of Cristine Pucelli

Cristine Pucelli may be studied in a high school in Orange County, California, but she did not reveal the name of the school she studied. She has kept much more information about her educational Qualifications private from the media and others.  

The personal details of Cristina Pucelli

Real Name: Cristina R. Pucelli

Profession: Voice actress

Celebrity name: Cristina Pucelli

Place of Birth: California, U.S.A.

Birthday: 11th June 1969

Horoscope: Gemini

Ethnicity: White 

Nationality: American

Religion: Christianity

Sexuality: Straight

Colour of Eyes: Blue

Colour of Hair: Red

Net Worth: 11 million USD

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Body measurements of Cristina Pucelli

Physique: Slim 

Height in Meters: 1.68 m

Height in Feet: 5 ft. 6 in

Weight in Kg: 55 kg

Weight in Pound: 121 lbs

Body Measurements: N.A.

Breast Size: N.A.

Waist Size: N.A.

 Hip Size: N.A.

 Shoe Size (In U.S.): 9

Dress Size (In the U.S.): 10

Family details of Cristina Pucelli

Mother’s Name: Unknown

Father’s Name: Unknown

Number of Siblings: Unknown

Relationship Status: Unknown

Children: Unknown

Spouse Name: Unknown

The Relationship Details of Cristina Pucelli

Cristina Pucelli maintains his personal and romantic life to himself. Check back frequently as we will continue to add additional connection facts to this website. Let’s look at Cristina Pucelli’s prior relationships, former, and hookups. Cristina Pucelli chooses not to discuss her marital status or divorce.

Dating refers to a moment in a person’s life when they are constantly searching for romantic relationships with other individuals. Suppose two married superstars are seen in public regularly. In that case, they are frequently labelled as “seeing,” indicating they were photographed together in public. At the same time, it is unclear if they are friends, investigating a more personal connection, or romantically connected.

The Net Worth Cristina Pucelli 

Cristina Pucelli is a successful Voice actress who has made a good livelihood for her. According to accounts, he earns around $70 per hour from his pillow business. Aside from that, she earns around $300,000-350,000 every episode. Cristina also leads a wealthy lifestyle. Her net worth is estimated to be between $8 and $11 million as of 2021. She resides in a mansion in Charleston. Craig also posted photos of his home on social media. This successful Voice actress and T.V.T.V. personality have made a good livelihood for himself. 

Interesting Facts About Cristina Pucelli:

Cristina Pucelli was a voice actress most recognized for her work in video games. Silvia in Interest in various Joe, M.O.M.O.M.O.M.O. in Xenosaga, and Elton Fir in Psychonauts are among her more well-known roles. She and Jessica DiCicco collaborated on The Loud House. Her debut work as a voice actress was in the 2001 film The Rugrats: All Growed Up. 

Cristina Pucelli was born under the sign of Gemini. Gemini, according to astrologers, is outspoken and quick-witted; it symbolizes two distinct characters in one, and you can never know which one you will encounter. They are social, chatty, and up for a good time, yet have the propensity to become serious, contemplative, and restless at any time. They are attracted by the world itself, immensely curious, and have the persistent sensation that there is insufficient time to see what they want to see.

Cristina Pucelli on social media:

Cristina Pucelli has over 1000K followers on his official Instagram account. She will upload all his latest pictures and daily activities. She posts his friend’s party times and how he is dressed up in the show times. Her latest picture will discover his lifestyle Cristina Pucelli has more than 500 K followers on her Twitter account, and she tweets frequently. Cristina Pucelli will use it to post more pictures, videos, reels, and stories in it.

The professional carrier of Cristina Pucelli

Cristina Pucelli’s career began in 2003 when she portrayed Silvia in Information on green Joe. Originally from Italy, she trained voiceover with Ginny McSwain, Louise Chamis, Bob Bergen, and Mary Lynn Wissner. That signifies he is on life path number three. Her Year Number in 2022 is 5. Her first voice-acting appearance was in the 2001 film The Rugrats: All Growed Up. She made her debut as Silvia in Viewtiful Joe in 2003, establishing her career.

Since 2016, she has played Luan Loud on the Nickelodeon animated T.V.T.V. series The Loud House. Her first recognized voice part was Anita in the 2001 T.V.T.V. movie The Rugrats: All Growed Up. Her initial voice role in a computer game was Silvia in 2003’s Viewtiful Joe. She has also played Patrick Vanderweel on Allen Gregory and Luan Loud on The Loud House on cartoon television. The third Life Path is related to innovation, motivation, and verbal ability. Cristina Pucelli was blessed with Life Path Number 3 and the gift of charisma. Life paths 3 are fantastic and one-of-a-kind! They are a people person with a variety of skills. She also performed voiceover for Episodes 2 and 3 of Xenosaga.

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