Diana Haddad Measurements, Bio, Age, Weight, and Height

Diana Haddad was born on 1st October 1976, and she is a prominent television personality and Singer from Lebanon. She is a holder of UAE citizenship, and most releases work from UAE itself. She is one of the most prominent pop stars in the Arabic music world and has held that position since the 1990s. She released her breakout album in 1996 named Saken, and it was one of the most selling albums that year. She has been certified as platinum by Stallion Records after that album. The album was a great introduction to her style of Bedouin to the broad public. 

Personal Details of Diana Haddad

Place of Birth: Bsalim, Lebanon

Birthday: 1st October 1976

Pet name: Diana

Real Name: Diana Joseph Fouad Haddad

Profession: Television personality, Singer

Horoscope: Libra

Ethnicity: Middle Eastern

Nationality: Lebanese, Emirati

Religion: Christian

Sexuality: Sexuality 

Color of Eyes: Light Brown

Color of Hair: Dark Brown

Net Worth: 1.5 million USD

Most Famous Works: Daumenkino, One Day Berlin, Papa Gold, Saken,Ahl Al Esheg,Ammanih,Yammaia,Shater,Jarh Al Habib,AkhbarHelwa, Law Yesaloni,AwelMarrah, Diana 2006, Men Diana Illa, Bent Osol,Ya Bashar,Anida, Best of Diana Haddad, Best of Diana Haddad 2,Tayr Al Yammameh,Saken,Lagetek, Al-Sahra,Anida,Ahl Al Esheg,BizaalMinak,Ammanih,YaBenti,Yammaia,EmshiWaraKidbohom,Awqed Al Shamaa,Shater,Wainhom, Al Fosol Al Arba’a, Mish B’edi, Mani Mani, Al HaqYaktubo Min Dami,MnawerBladik,AdlaaAlaik, Elli Fe Bali, Law Yesaloni,Beedak El Qarar,Waily,Saheby,AwelMarrah, etc.

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Body Measurements of Diana Haddad

Physique: Unknown

Height in Meters: 1.57 m

Height in Feet: 5 ft. 2 in.

Weight in Kg: 52 kg

Weight in Pound: 115 lbs

Bra Size: Unknown

Body Measurements: Unknown

Breast Size: Unknown

Waist Size: Unknown

Hips Size: Unknown

Shoe Size (In US): 7

Dress Size (In US):6

Family Details of Diana Haddad

Mother’s Name: Mouna Haddad

Father’s Name: Joseph Haddad

Number of Siblings: Lolita Haddad, Samir Haddad, Dani Haddad,Fadi Haddad

Children: Mira Al-Abdool, Sophie Al-Abdool

Spouse: Suhail al-Abdool

Education of Diana Haddad

National school

Diploma in computer science

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